Top 9 Porsche Boxster 986 Suspension Upgrades

Pictured above is my 2002 Boxster S the day I bought it in 2012.

The Porsche Boxster landed on U.S. soil in 1997 as a mid-engined, water-cooled, 2 seat convertible with a 2.5 liter engine producing 200 horsepower. Porsche purists were not amused.

With the help of Toyota, Porsche was able to mass produce the Boxster and they sold rather well. Some say this car helped save Porsche from bankruptcy. 

Then came 1999 when the all new 911 was introduced. 911 lovers were appalled to see the new 911 was identical to the Boxster they scoffed at from the front bumper to the end of the doors. 

In 2000 Porsche released the Boxster S which came with a 3.2 liter flat 6 producing 250 horsepower and had suspension and brake upgrades. 

To this day the Boxster is very polarizing. People tend to either love them or hate them.

I personally think they are great cars, as I actually owned a 2002 Boxster S for over 4 years.

It was a blast to drive. Especially with some smart suspension upgrades and a good set of tires.

Aside from the 986 Boxster headlights, I really liked the look of these cars.

With the 986 Boxster forever near and dear to my heart, I make sure it is well supported on our website with parts for most driving situations and budgets. 

This gave me the idea of sharing some of these parts here to give Boxster owners some information and access to what they want.

As a precursor to the list of upgrades, the best place to start is to get your Boxster in the air and check all your bushings to see if they are cracked and too far gone to use with any upgrades. We suggest replacing the lower control and thrust arms as a good starting point. 

So here is our list of 9 great Porsche 986 Boxster suspension kits and parts that will help upgrade and refresh an old, tired, stock suspension. 

Be sure to read until the end where I give a surprise 10th suggestion for something great you may not know was available.


1. Bilstein PSS9 coiloversBilstein PSS9 coilovers for Porsche 986 Boxster

Bilstein B16 (PSS9) suspension kits feature ride height adjustability and 9-stage, manually adjustable dampers in an OEM quality, direct fit package.

The 9 way damping system adjusts both rebound and compression with each simple dial turn, to provide the best handling performance for any driving condition.

Many Spec class racers use this kit on their Boxster and Caymans.

These coilovers use monotube performance dampers and matched progressive rate springs that are tuned just for the Porsche Boxster.

Finely threaded shock bodies and supplied spanners make height adjustments fast and easy when the wheels are off.


2. Eibach Pro-Kit Sway Bars

This is a front and rear kit with a 26 mm front bar and 22 mm rear bar.

Give your Boxster flatter, stiffer turn-in and cornering character with easy to install sway bar kits by Eibach.

Larger diameter sway bars will reduce body roll while cornering giving increased road grip.

Manufactured from cold-formed steel alloy for bullet proof performance.

Once formed to fit your vehicle perfectly, Eibach sway bars are given a thick coat of bright red powder coating for great looks and corrosion resistance.

The Boxster bars have end links with 2 setting options for the. end links to adjust roll stiffness.

The kit comes complete with fresh urethane bushings for a tight fit. Lubricant is provided to prevent squeaking from the bushings.


3. Tarett Engineering sway bar drop links.

Upgrade your stock front sway bar link with this simple bolt in replacement that works great with aftermarket sway bars.

Left & right hand threaded rod ends allow for simple length adjustment to eliminate sway bar preload. Correctly sized, precision, Teflon-lined rod-ends for smooth operation, long life, and reliability.

No wear or rattling problems like those seen with other designs, due to undersized or low quality rod ends.

Eliminates the factory compliant plastic drop link bushings that deflect under loading and quickly wear out. High misalignment, stainless steel spacers allow for superior bind free operation and corrosion resistance.

Precisely connects the stock or adjustable sway bar to the front strut assembly for improved feedback and sway bar response.

Overall length is adjustable to accommodate either stock or adjustable swaybar requirements.

Tarett front drop links are the aftermarket links that have been exclusively certified for SPB & 996 Spec racing.


4. Tarett Engineering rear toe control arms.


If you just lowered your Porsche Boxster, chances are you need adjustable toe arms to keep the geometry correct.

Restore proper suspension geometry with this adjustable lower rear control arm.

The factory control arm can’t compensate enough when lowering your 996/997/986/987, leaving you stuck with as much as ½” of toe in.

The result is poor handling and rapid tire wear.

This kit will provide the additional adjustment needed. The adjusting link has a left and right hand thread on each end. Rotating the link will increase or decrease the overall length of the arm.

A precision Teflon lined spherical rod end replaces the compliant rubber factory bushing for improved suspension response and feedback, and also reduces toe changes during acceleration and deceleration.

The result is improved stability and control.

The complete kit comes as shown, including new Porsche outer tie rods.

These are the aftermarket toe control arms that have been exclusively certified for SPB & 996 Spec racing.  

These are a great idea as part of an overall Porsche Boxster 986 suspension refresh project.

Also available to use with this kit: Part #LKPLT01 Locking plate kit. Available here at MGC.



5. Vogtland lowering spring kit.

 A lesser known company that makes great lowering springs. I can attest to this, as I had these on my Boxster S along with some Koni shocks. The ride was firmer and more responsive, but still plenty soft and compliant for everyday driving.

Fits base and S model Boxster.

German spring manufacturer Vogtland has been winding coil springs since 1903.

Experience the difference a set of their progressive rate lowering springs will make.

1.3 Inches (33 mm)  of perfectly leveled lowering for a dropped stance that will get noticed.

Designed to be 10-15% stiffer than stock for a great blend of improved handling and daily driver comfort.

Wound cold, then heat treated and powder coated for excellent performance and long service life.

Finished in a durable, cherry red powder coating for corrosion resistance.

Dont be tempted by cheap, no-name knock-offs. Insist on quality the first time. Go with Vogtland.


6. Tarett Engineering GT3 lower control arms.

This conversion kit contains everything need to convert your front or rear suspension to the two piece 996 GT3 lower control arm design.

By adding shims between the inner and outer control arm, you can adjust camber far beyond the capability of the stock suspension, for improved tire contact and better handling.

You can also choose to include our optional Inner Control Arm Monoball End and/or the Solid Thrust Arm Bushings for increased suspension precision, quicker steering response, and further improved handling.

Tarett also designed a custom adaptor that allows the use of this kit on the front of the 997/987/991/981 or 718 without needing to change to 996 trailing arms, for a savings of almost $400.

One kit is for either the front or rear of your car (2 corners). All necessary hardware is included. Shims sold separately.

10mm provides about 1 deg additional negative camber. Fits all 996/997/986/987/981/991/718 except GT4 and 991 GT3.

Each kit Includes:

2 GT3 Lower Control Arms

2 GT3 Lower Inner Control Arm Inner Ends & Hardware

1 Trailing Arm Adaptor Kit (With 997/987/991/981 Front Kit)

1 or 2 Litronic Sensor Support & Matching 1mm Shim (With 997/987/991/981 Front Litronic Kit)


7. Bilstein B12 suspension kit. 

Are you looking for a lowering suspension kit for your Porsche 986 Boxster?

Want the smartest, easiest way to lower your Porsche and replace worn out shocks at the same time?

This Bilstein B12 lowering suspension kit is a great option.

It's the perfect combination of parts from 2 legendary brands.

Bilstein started with a set of their performance B8 dampers, then called on Eibach for some progressive rate lowering springs.

The dampers and springs are engineered and matched per vehicle, with proper compression, rebound, and spring rates, for a perfect balance of performance and comfort.

Tasteful lowering of up to 40mm (1.6 inches) for an aggressive, noticeable drop in stance that is still daily driver friendly.

Experience much improved handling, response, and turn-in without the ride being harsh or bumpy.

These kits offer the most bang for your buck and are a great starting point for a budget minded suspension upgrade project.

Simply the best Porsche Boxster 986 suspension kit you can buy under 1,000 bucks.


8. H&R street performance coilover kit.

Experience the difference a set of H&R street performance coilovers can make.

1-2.5 inches (25-63mm) of ride height adjustment range so you can set the stance exactly where you want.

Custom valved, mono-tube shocks are matched with progressive rate coil springs tuned just for your Porsche Boxster, for a huge improvement in handling, cornering, and road feel.

The H&R street performance coilover kit offers an excellent balance between improved handling performance and daily driving comfort.

Finely threaded shock bodies and supplied spanner wrenches make ride height adjustments quick and easy when the wheels are off.

Transform the suspension setup and driving experience of your 986 Boxster with H&R coilovers.

Engineered and manufactured to the highest standards to fit and perform flawlessly.


9. KW V1 coilover kit. 

This is KW's entry level coilover option, but don't mistake it for a generic, mass produced kit that isn't designed and engineered just for your 986 Boxster.


With 30-70mm of lowering range, this kit has preconfigured shock damping and spring rates for each application, giving a perfect balance between comfort and performance.

Stainless steel shock bodies and powder coated coil springs ensure a lifetime of dependable service. Kits are complete with spanner wrench and tool kit.

Dirt repelling, friction optimized trapezoidal shock body threads make height adjustments simple by requiring less force, even after years of use.

Enjoy a big improvement in handling and a lower stance you'll love looking at with the affordable V1 coilover kit from KW.

KW is the gold standard in performance coilovers.

And here is a 10th and final suggestion. Although it may not be suspension related, its an awesome exhaust mod you will truly enjoy. 


10. SOUL performance valved muffler bypass conversion.


These unique 986 Boxster muffler bypass conversion pipes easily bolt into factory exhaust for an OEM sound with valves closed and a raceinspired sound with valves open.

The default valve orientation upon startup is valves closed for a refined warm-up experience and an invigorating tone reminiscent of air-cooled CUP cars is just a button press away!

+  Fits all Porsche 986 Boxsters (1997-2004)
+  Valves closed during startup for a refined, drone-free OEM experience
+  Valves controlled with included remotes or with factory HomeLink buttons (if the vehicle has them)
+  Designed and built in-house at SOUL’s Willow Grove, PA facility.

This is one of the best Porsche Boxster 986 exhaust upgrades available.

I hope this article answered a few questions and added some value to your Boxster suspension project.

If you have any questions feel free to contact us from the website or email me directly at

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