H&R or Eibach Lowering Springs. Which is Better?
At MGC Suspensions we pride ourselves on researching and supplying only the best, most trusted brands available.

When it comes to lowering springs, there seems to be a sea of confusion out there that makes it tough to decide which brands to consider, and ultimately, to buy.

If you look on amazon or eBay for instance, there are a lot of different brands  available. Available at some crazy cheap prices too. Don't be tempted.

So, if you have made the decision to lower your vehicle with lowering springs, it's smart to arm yourself with knowledge about the best brands available, that also have great reviews.

On to the question at hand.  The most common question we get on the "live chat" feature of our website is: "Which lowering springs are better, H&R or Eibach?"

It seems like a simple question, but without getting a few details and goals, we really can't suggest one or the other right away. 

Both are great kits with features some people like, and some don't. 

Just a note before we begin. It is never a smart idea to buy a set of new lowering springs and then mount them with a set of blown out, high mileage shocks or struts.

If your dampers have seen better days, replacing them at the same time as installing your springs is a great, labor saving idea.  

If you plan to install lowering springs yourself, please make sure you are comfortable and experienced using spring compressors.

Careless execution can cause serious bodily harm.

If you have any reservations, professional installation is recommended. 



 H&R Sport Springs


H&R is a German suspension brand started in the early 1970's that is legendary  for making some of the highest quality suspension parts available for the aftermarket enthusiast.

H&R lowering springs are manufactured and tested in Lennestadt, Germany. 

Their lowering spring kits are on thousands of cars all over the world, and are actually the #1 selling item at MGC suspensions.

H&R uses a very stiff 54Sir6 alloy steel that have higher progressive spring rates than the Eibach kits. This produces a stiffer, more active ride that some people prefer. 

The H&R stiffer spring rates also reduce shock/strut travel for better control, but at the expense of ride comfort over stock.

The H&R kits generally, but not always, offer a bit more lowering than their Eibach counterparts. Average leveled lowering is about 1.4-1.8 inches (depending on vehicle) for the popular sport spring kits. 

All H&R lowering ranges are within the safe limits of factory damper cycles, and shouldn't cause issues with premature shock wear, or contact with bump stops. 

We get H&R lowering spring reviews that vary from "just perfect" to "they are way too stiff." Everyone will have a slightly different opinion. 

But we can say with confidence that the H&R springs are definetely the stiffer of the 2 lowering spring kits here. 

So, if your goal is to have lowering springs that are noticeably stiffer than your stock springs, and that offer the most lowering, then a set of H&R  springs is what you should go with. 




Eibach Pro-Kit Lowering Springs



Eibach is also a German suspension parts company founded in 1951, with decades of experience manufacturing high quality suspension components.

They produce products for both on and off road racing teams internationally, and are sold in over 80 countries. 

Eibach utilizes a high strength, high toughness spring steel called Hi-Ten in their Pro-Kit lowering springs. 

These springs have a predetermined progressive spring rate that isn't nearly as stiff as the H&R springs.

Eibach seems to focus on improving performance and ride handling with only a slight increase in stiffness over stock springs. 

We think Eibach has perfected the balance between improved handling performance and maintaining daily driving comfort.

Eibach springs, in general, do not provide as much lowering as the H&R springs which reduces OEM shock/strut compression. This tunes out a lot of the harshness reported by many H&R users.

The more you lower a vehicle with springs on stock dampers, the more you reduce the suspension travel, which causes the stiffness and harshness that is not desirable. 

The Eibach Pro-Kits have just the right amount of lowering to maintain most of the suspension travel which, in combination with the lower spring rates, gives them the supple, softer ride customers report. 



H&R suspension logo in blue

Eibach suspension logo in red


So there are basically 2 main differences between H&R and Eibach springs. Stiffness (progressive spring rates) and lowering amount. 

Knowing what you want from a lowering spring and finding brands that fit your goal is very important. Why spend the time and money to install a set of springs if you don't have some inclination as to the end result. 

If you like a stiffer, sportier feeling ride that offers maximum lowering, then a H&R kit should be in your shopping cart.

If your goals are to maintain a factory soft ride and enjoy the look of more modest lowering, then you surely need a set of the Eibach springs.

Both brands offer a terrific product that will install, fit, and function beautifully. The materials and finishes used on both will survive in the harshest of elements, and you will get many years of enjoyment from them. 

In our day to day business we tend to recommend the Eibach springs as most customers are lowering a daily driver that sees uneven roads, pot holes, etc. 

Ultimately the decision is yours. 


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Koni special active + comfort springs

Koni special active + comfort springs

Heloo, I need some advice.

I have a Tiguan r line 2018 2.0tdi 140kw. 2 years ago I replaced the OEM shock absorbers with Koni SA. comfort has improved but it is still hard. can I also replace H&R or Eibach springs or do you recommend any? I want even more comfort. it is possible to install them separately with Koni special active.
well thank you

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