Vogtland Electronic Lowering Modules

MGC is proud to now offer Vogtland Electronic Lowering Modules. Vogtland spring company was founded in 1908, making all sorts of springs for just about any industry. In 2001, Vogtland launched a North American automotive venture, creating high quality, german engineered suspension parts, including coilovers, club lowering kits and lowering springs. One of their latest creations allows enthusiasts with active or air suspension systems a way to lower those vehicles up to 1.6 inches, using the existing interior controls. A total plug and play module with all the necessary pieces for a quick install. This kit is also easily removable if you want to go back to your stock set-up. If you are not comfortable with the install process, contact MGC and we can find a qualified shop in your area for you. 

vogtland electronic lowering module and wiring

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