H&R RSS+Coil Over Kit 2013-15 Audi RS5

This is H&R's ultimate high performance street coilover kit. The RSS+ package uses finely threaded shock bodies making it height adjustable with a lowering range of 1.4-2.7 inches (36-67mm) so you can set the stance exactly to your liking. Monotube shocks and progressive rate lowering springs give great performance and ride improvement. The struts are externally adjustable, setting compression and rebound characteristics at the same time, so you have complete control of the damping. Lightweight aluminum reduces unsprung weight dramatically, giving you better handling and cornering. Finished in a beautiful yet durable hard black anodizing, this kit looks as good as it performs. After installation and ride height is decided, it is recommended you get a full alignment done. Contact MGC if you need to find a shop in your area to install your new kit.