H&R Sport Cup Kit 1993-98 Volkswagen Mk3 Golf/Jetta VR6 (31016-3)

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This is a special order kit. Delivery time can be 4-8 weeks.


Want lowering springs but have high mileage, worn out shocks?


MGC has the perfect kit.


H&R sport cup suspension kits are a perfectly matched set of sport performance shocks and progressive rate lowering springs.


2 Inches (50.8 mm) front lowering.

1.7 Inches (43.1 mm) rear lowering.


H&R has engineered these kits per vehicle with correct shock valving and spring rates so a perfect balance of performance and comfort is achieved.


This is a great solution if you were thinking about lowering springs but need new shocks as well.


H&R cup kits are manufactured and finished with only the finest materials and are designed to fit and perform perfectly.

Also available: Volkswagen Mk3 Golf/Jetta sway bars by H&R. Flatter cornering for even better handling. A perfect compliment to this kit as a budget suspension upgrade project.


Volkswagen Mk3 Golf and Jetta VR6 suspension kits at MGC.

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