AWE Tuning 2012-16 Porsche 911 Carrera Performance Exhaust with Chrome Silver Tips

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This is one of the finest exhaust systems available for the Porsche 991 Carrera 3.4L. 

The Porsche 991 Carrera Performance Exhaust is for those looking to increase power and bring out the note of their 3.4L powerplant, without turning their backs on perfect daily-drivability and Porsche sophistication.

Constructed from T-304 Stainless Steel, the AWE Porsche 991 Carrera Performance Exhaust shows maximum gains of 29hp and 33tq at the crank and weighs in at 12lbs less than the stock unit.  Light it up.

As with all AWE exhaust products, each TIG weld is hand-finished by a member of their performance fabrication team, and flange openings are size matched to their ports, all to produce the smoothest flow possible. It is this attention to detail, quality, and performance that sets AWE exhaust products above the rest, and this system is no exception.

PDK Drivers Rejoice.

This system was developed first on a PDK car, then a manual.  The exhaust was created to be 100% PDK friendly and retains the signature AWE tone through the power band.  In other words, this system will remain 100% drone-free. PDK or Manual. 

Finishing it off.

The system comes with Chrome Silver Quad Outlet tips. And for those looking to keep the looks undercover, we also offer an option for stock tips (you can always upgrade later). These tips are 90mm, angle cut, have a beveled edge, feature the AWE logo, and are 100% T-304 stainless steel.  And better yet, they are double-walled for resistance to heat discoloration.   

Better still, none of the components of our AWE Porsche 991 Carrera Performance Exhaust affect or alter any of the emissions devices on the vehicle, and therefore this exhaust is fully legal for street use.

  • Perfected for the PDK Transmission Technology, as well as Manual
  • Max gains of 29hp and 33tq
  • Weight savings of 12lbs
  •  Designed and manufactured by hand, in house at AWE Tuning
  • Perfect Fitment - Guaranteed

Important note: This product is only confirmed to fit non-PSE vehicles at this time.   

This is a made to order system. Delivery time is usually 3-6 weeks. Contact us to order.

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