Bilstein B12 Suspension Kit 2012 Volkswagen Beetle Base. (46-259462)

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Are you shopping for an affordable lowering suspension kit?

30 mm (1.2 Inches) front and rear lowering.

Looking for the best way to lower your car and replace worn out shocks at the same time?

The Bilstein B12 lowering suspension kit is a great option.

It's the perfect combination of parts from 2 legendary brands.

Bilstein started with a set of their performance B8 dampers, then called on Eibach for some progressive rate lowering springs.

The dampers and springs are engineered and matched per vehicle, with proper compression, rebound, and spring rates, for a perfect balance of performance and comfort.

Experience much improved handling, response, and turn-in without the ride being harsh or bumpy.

These kits offer the most bang for your buck and are a great starting point for a budget minded suspension upgrade project.

The best suspension kits for Volkswagen Beetle are here at MGC.

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