H&R Lowering Springs 2007-14 BMW X5/X6 (50435-3)

Sale price$318.99 USD


Without self-leveling. Includes diesel models.

Also fits M models. 

Are you looking for the best lowering springs for your BMW X5 or X6?

H&R lowering springs are the world's best selling spring kits, and MGC is proud to offer them.

1.2 inches of front and rear lowering. Perfect for a daily driver.

A progressive rate coil design yields a stiffer spring that improves cornering and handling, without the ride being harsh or bumpy.

The tasteful lower stance will definetely get noticed, and make you love your BMW even more.

All H&R lowering springs are made of a special (hf) 54SiCr6 spring steel to ensure the best quality and performance.

H&R lowering springs are shot-peened to increase service life by 200%.

A thick, high quality powder coat finish ensures they will last, even in the harshest conditions.

All production and testing is done in house at H&R's ISO9001 certified production plant in Germany.

Experience a huge improvement in handling and appearance with a set of H&R lowering springs.

BMW E70 and E71 suspension parts at MGC. 

Fitment guide:

  • BMW-X6-M-2014
  • BMW-X6-M-2013
  • BMW-X6-M-2012
  • BMW-X6-M-2011
  • BMW-X6-M-2010
  • BMW-X6-2014
  • BMW-X6-2013
  • BMW-X6-2012
  • BMW-X6-2011
  • BMW-X6-2010
  • BMW-X6-2009
  • BMW-X6-2008
  • BMW-X5-M-2013
  • BMW-X5-M-2012
  • BMW-X5-M-2011
  • BMW-X5-M-2010
  • BMW-X5-2013
  • BMW-X5-2012
  • BMW-X5-2011
  • BMW-X5-2010
  • BMW-X5-2009
  • BMW-X5-2008
  • BMW-X5-2007



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