H&R Front/Rear Sway Bar Kit 2013-19 BMW 2/3/4 xDrive (72878-3)

Sale price$687.99 USD



See fitment guide below.

28mm front bar and 20mm rear bar set.

Looking for even better suspension performance after installing coilovers or lowering springs on your BMW?

H&R sway bar kits are made of high tensile strength (hf) 50CrV4 steel alloy that produces reduced roll response time and increases cornering stiffness over stock.

Larger diameter, stiffer sway bars increase lateral stability and reduce body roll, which improves cornering grip.

H&R sway bars are cold-formed and heat treated with seamless, no-weld end flanges.

Shot-peened for lifetime durability.

If it is beneficial to the vehicle, some bar kits have mounting hole options for the end links.

To finish off these great sway bar kits, they come with new urethane/teflon composite bushings that won't squeak or need lubrication.

The best sway bars for BMW xDrive are available at MGC.

Image shown is for illustration only and may not be the bar(s) for your vehicle. Some hardware pictured may not be included in your kit.

Fitment guide:

  • BMW-M240i-xDrive-2019
  • BMW-M240i-xDrive-2018
  • BMW-M240i-xDrive-2017
  • BMW-M235i-xDrive-2016
  • BMW-M235i-xDrive-2015
  • BMW-440i-xDrive-Gran-Coupe-2019
  • BMW-440i-xDrive-Gran-Coupe-2018
  • BMW-440i-xDrive-Gran-Coupe-2017
  • BMW-440i-xDrive-2019
  • BMW-440i-xDrive-2018
  • BMW-440i-xDrive-2017
  • BMW-435i-xDrive-Gran-Coupe-2016
  • BMW-435i-xDrive-Gran-Coupe-2015
  • BMW-435i-xDrive-2016
  • BMW-435i-xDrive-2015
  • BMW-435i-xDrive-2014
  • BMW-340i-xDrive-2018
  • BMW-340i-xDrive-2017
  • BMW-340i-xDrive-2016
  • BMW-340i-GT-xDrive-2019
  • BMW-340i-GT-xDrive-2018
  • BMW-340i-GT-xDrive-2017
  • BMW-335i-xDrive-2015
  • BMW-335i-xDrive-2014
  • BMW-335i-xDrive-2013
  • BMW-335i-GT-xDrive-2016
  • BMW-335i-GT-xDrive-2015
  • BMW-335i-GT-xDrive-2014

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