Tarett Solid Rear Subframe Mount Kit All 1999-2012 Porsche 911. 996 or 997. (996.007)

Sale price$349.99 USD


Factory rubber suspension mounts have a lot of flexibility and cannot withstand the extreme loads applied to them during performance driving conditions.

When these mounts flex, all of the suspension geometry changes making the car unstable and unpredictable.

A very popular suspension upgrade is to replace these bushings with solid mounts like the ones found on the factory race cars.

Fits all 996 and 997.

In addition to eliminating the rubber bushings, this RSR style bushing kit also raises the subframe into the chassis by .5", effectively lowering the car by .5" without affecting the suspension geometry.

Sold as a kit of 12 pieces for all 6 mounting points.

Part #996.007

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