SWIFT Coil Spring Upgrade Kit for 2015-2018 Porsche Cayman GT4.

Sale price$711.99 USD


MGC has put this kit together to upgrade the springs on your GT4 to 448 lbs. front and 560 lbs. rear.

A perfect combination for hot street and track use, these spring rates will reduce body roll and improve suspension response.

We chose Swift springs for this kit because they are the lightest, strongest, and highest quality springs on the market today.

Together with the needed helper springs and spacers, this is a complete drop in spring kit. Reduced body roll and improved suspension response.

The rates are within the range of the OEM GT4 dampers without needing to be revalved. Other rates available on request.

Each kit comes complete with 2 Front 448 lb/in Swift main springs, 2 Rear 560 lb/in Swift main springs and 4 Swift helper springs with spacers. 

Part #GT4SUK

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