BMW E36 Coilovers. Our 5 Top Selling Kits

The third iteration of the BMW 3-series collection of sleek executive vehicles is defined by the model code E36, meticulously crafted by the prestigious German automaker BMW from 1990 to 2000.

1,570 Bmw E36 Royalty-Free Images, Stock Photos & Pictures ...The inaugural models embodied the four-door sedan body style, succeeded by the coupé, convertible, wagon ("Touring"), and ultimately hatchback ("Compact").

The E36 heralded the dawn of a new era for the 3 Series, showcasing a sophisticated hatchback body style.

The E36 pioneered the introduction of a six-speed manual transmission (found in the 1996 M3), a five-speed automatic transmission, and a four-cylinder diesel engine.

The multi-link rear suspension was a big improvement from previous 3 Series models.

All-wheel drive was absent from the E36, in contrast to the antecedent (E30) and subsequent (E46) iterations.

The E36 made it onto Car and Driver's top 10 list every year it hit the market!

Following the introduction of its successor, the E46 3 Series in 1998, the E36 began to be phased out and was eventually replaced in 1999.

At MGC Suspensions we have been supporting the E36 world with aftermarket suspension and exhaust upgrades for over 5 years now.

We have many BMW E36 suspension upgrades available.

If you need product suggestions for your car use our free Suspension Builder form. Personalized suggestions based on your goals and budget. .  

We wanted to share our 5 top selling coilover kits for the BMW E36 3 Series. 

Available in all price ranges and for light duty street use all the way to full track setups. Our best selling kits tend to stay in the low to mid range categories. 


1. KW Variant 2 Coilovers

KW Coilover Kit V2 BMW M3 E36 (M3B M3/B) Coupe Convertible Sedan - MGC Suspensions

Featuring identical premium attributes to the V1 coilover kit, the V2 configuration by KW introduces 16 click rebound adjustments to tailor the ride quality from a firm to a softer feel.

This is easily done with the turn of external dials on the dampers, and doesn't change the KW preconfigured compression setting.

KW V2 Series Coilover Kit for 1995-99 BMW E36 M3. Coupe/Convertible/Sedan-MGC Suspensions

KW V2 Series Coilover Kit for 1995-99 BMW E36 M3. Coupe/Convertible/Sedan-MGC Suspensions

KW V2 coilovers video

All stainless steel shock bodies and powder coated springs ensure a lifetime of corrosion resistance.

A geometry safe lowering range of 30-70mm lets you set the stance to your preference.

Dirt repelling, trapezoid shaped shock body threads make turning the height adjustment collars smooth and easy.

Kits come with instruction and setup manuals, along with a tool kit including a spanner wrench for height adjustments, and a key for rear shock stiffness.

This coilover kit is perfect for anyone looking for transformed daily driver performance and occasional track days.


2. ST X Coilovers

ST X Coilovers 1992-98 BMW E36 3-Series

Looking for a high quality set of coilovers but don't want to spend a fortune?

ST suspension, engineered by KW to their full satisfaction, presents this exceptional entry-level option.

ST height adjustable coilover kits are precision engineered and road tested to the highest standards of the German TUV.

Enhance handling, cornering, and feedback with sport dampers tailored to your vehicle, paired with stiffer coil springs.

The finely threaded shock bodies enable you to meticulously fine-tune ride height without sacrificing safety, comfort, or performance.

Set the stance exactly the way you like.

Treated with premium corrosion-resistant materials, these galvanized steel and powder-coated coilovers promise a lifetime of flawless performance in any setting.


  • Height-adjustable
  • Composite spring plate
  • Dust protection and bump stop


Installation instructions


3. AST 2000 Series Coilovers

AST 2000 Coilovers 1990-99 BMW E36 3-Series (FCS-B1002S)

AST offers this beautiful entry level coilover kit that is height adjustable so you can set the ride exactly where you like it.

30-65mm of lowering range. (1.2-2.6 Inches)

Height adjustments are easy with the supplied spanner wrenches.

Preconfigured twin-tube damping and proper spring rates are engineered per vehicle by AST for a perfect balance of great handling and daily driving comfort.

The AST 2000 series is developed for non track users that wish to enjoy their car during spirited street or canyon driving.

AST 2000 Coilovers 1990-99 BMW E36 3-Series (FCS-B1002S)

This is the best coilover kit for driving enthusiasts who want a big suspension upgrade without getting too crazy.

Developed and tested to be plug and play with the BMW E36 chassis.

Fits with the OEM top mounts.


4. H&R Street Performance Coilovers

H&R 94-96 BMW M3 3.0L E36 Street Perf. Coil Over - MGC Suspensions

The H&R street performance kit is our top selling coilover across all makes and models every year. A proven winner for street use.

Experience the amazing difference a set of H&R street performance coilovers can make.

1.5-2.5 Inches (38-63.5 mm) front lowering range.

1-1.75 Inches (25.4-44.4 mm) rear lowering range.

Tailored, high-performance dampers paired with coil springs designed specifically for your E36 M3, resulting in a substantial enhancement in handling, cornering, and road feedback.

Discover the perfect balance with the H&R street performance coilover kit, combining enhanced handling with daily driving comfort.

Finely threaded shock bodies and included spanner wrenches facilitate rapid and effortless ride height adjustments when the wheels are removed.

Transform the suspension setup and driving experience of your car with H&R coilovers.

Crafted with meticulous precision to excel in fit and performance.

The best coilovers for BMW E36 M3 are available at MGC.


5. Bilstein B14 Coilovers

Bilstein B14 (PSS) 2016 Audi TT Quattro Height Adjustable Coilover Kit - MGC Suspensions

The Bilstein B14 kit is a great option if you're looking for an affordable set of height adjustable coilovers. 

City tuned damper settings that are preconfigured by Bilstein for a flawless blend of enhanced suspension capability and everyday driving ease.

With up to 50mm of ride height adjustability (depending on vehicle) you can set the stance exactly to your preference.

Bilstein B14 (PSS) 2016 Audi TT Quattro Height Adjustable Coilover Kit - MGC Suspensions

Sport dampers providing unmatched handling, precise response, and insightful feedback are matched with marginally firmer, incremental rate coil springs for heightened performance.

Finely threaded shock bodies and supplied spanners make adjustments smooth and easy.

Only the finest materials and finishes are used for a lifetime of service on any road conditions.

Bilstein B14 (PSS) 2016 Audi TT Quattro Height Adjustable Coilover Kit - MGC Suspensions

That is our list of 5 best coilover kits for BMW E36. If you have an E36 and are shopping around for a good set of coilovers you can't go wrong with any of the 5 we listed above.

Quality kits by quality companies you can trust. Don't make the mistake of buying  a super cheap kit on E-bay or Amazon. Most of the knock-off brands use inferior metals and finishes that can put you in harms way shortly after installation.

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