Sway Bars

Want flatter cornering and more tire grip in the turns? 

Sway bars are your answer.

H&R sway bar kit for Audi S5

Sometimes called stabilizer bars or anti-roll bars, they are an essential component of any good suspension upgrade project.

What are sway bars? Their job is to keep a vehicle from rolling side to side when maneuvering through corners and turns. From the factory, to keep the ride soft and comfy, most cars come with very wimpy anti-sway bars.

That is where great companies like Eibach, H&R, ST, and Tarett step in.

Engineered with larger diameters, stiffer metal compounds, and urethane bushings, these bars greatly reduce body roll and produce flatter cornering and superior driving performance.

Blue Porsche 930 with gold wheel

Many kits offer roll stiffness adjustability with 2 or 3 hole mounting options for the ends links.

All kits come complete with new bushings and any needed hardware. Can be used with your factory end links or aftermarket links.

Easy installation in your garage with simple hand tools is possible, but contact MGC if you need installation services in your area.