Eibach 26mm Front Sway Bar 2006-18 Volkswagen Rabbit/Jetta/Passat

Sale price$175.99 USD


Also fits Audi A3. See fitment guide below.

Looking for the best sway bars for your Volkswagen Rabbit, Jetta, or Passat?

Give your Volkswagen or Audi flatter, stiffer turn-in and cornering character with easy to install sway bars by Eibach.

Larger diameter sway bars will reduce body roll while cornering giving increased road grip.

Manufactured from cold-formed steel alloy for bullet proof performance.

Once formed to fit your vehicle perfectly, Eibach sway bars are given a thick coat of bright red powder coating for great looks and corrosion resistance.

Each kit comes complete with fresh urethane bushings for a tight fit. Lubricant is provided to prevent squeaking from the bushings.

The best sway bar kit for Volkswagen and Audi are available at MGC.

Part number 8598.310

Fitment guide:

  • Volkswagen-Rabbit-2009
  • Volkswagen-Rabbit-2008
  • Volkswagen-Rabbit-2007
  • Volkswagen-Rabbit-2006
  • Volkswagen-Passat-2008
  • Volkswagen-Passat-2007
  • Volkswagen-Passat-2006
  • Volkswagen-Jetta-TDI-2014
  • Volkswagen-Jetta-TDI-2013
  • Volkswagen-Jetta-TDI-2012
  • Volkswagen-Jetta-TDI-2011
  • Volkswagen-Jetta-TDI-2010
  • Volkswagen-Jetta-TDI-2009
  • Volkswagen-Eos-2010
  • Volkswagen-Eos-2009
  • Volkswagen-Eos-2008
  • Volkswagen-Eos-2007
  • SwayBar_Included
  • Product_Eibach Sportline
  • Audi-A3-TDI-2013
  • Audi-A3-TDI-2012
  • Audi-A3-TDI-2011
  • Audi-A3-TDI-2010
  • Audi-A3-2013
  • Audi-A3-2012
  • Audi-A3-2011
  • Audi-A3-2010
  • Audi-A3-2009
  • Audi-A3-2008
  • Audi-A3-2007
  • Audi-A3-2006

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