Meeting My Porsche Artist Hero-Richard Pietruska-MGC Suspensions

When i was 12 years old my dad brought home a book for me called "Perpetuating Porsche Paranoia."

It was filled with wonderful Porsche illustrations by the author Richard Pietruska.

I soon took to drawing the images myself, and must have drawn each one 10 times.

I had the fortunate opportunity to meet Mr. Pietruska last year and it was a wonderful experience.

After all these years i still had my book and a framed copy of a drawing i did, he was all too happy to sign both of them for me.

His book was absolutely the genesis of my love for Porsche cars and all cars for that matter. I am now in the process of trying to do what i love for a living in the aftermarket suspension parts industry. 

The best part of meeting Mr Pietruska you may ask? We both drive seal grey Porsche 911s!

 If you ever have the chance to meet a childhood hero or someone who influenced your life in any way, make the effort to do it.

It was an awesome experience for me! To learn a bit more about Richard Pietruska, click this link. He has amazing artwork available.

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