Period Correct and Rod Emory Porsche Car Meet-MGC Suspensions

Some time ago i attented a car meet at Period Correct in Costa Mesa Ca. for a collaboration launch with Porsche outlaw builder Rod Emory. It was a fun day of cars, friends, and photos. Check out the great stuff available at Period Correct here- and the incredible cars built by Emory Motorsports here- left some images from that day for you to enjoy.  For a quick look at some great Porsche performance suspension parts go to white 964356 on airbags. Is it your cup of tea?Black 911Plush interior in this oneirish green 964, my favoriteinterior of irish green 964classic porsche fenders and headlightsRod Emory's GT3RS. Wicked fastvintage racervery early 65 911 perfectly restoredsitting lowhas a few miles on itrare 356One of Rod Emory's creations. His cars are beautifulred 964 on 1552 outlaw wheelsPeriod Correct/Emory outlaw keychains among all the other cool merchandise, check them out


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