The 3 Best Sounding Exhaust Brands For European Cars

Soul performance exhaust for McLaren

When it comes to performance aftermarket parts for cars, anytime the word "best" is used it becomes mostly subjective, and shouldn't be taken as gospel.

Exhaust systems are very subjective as far as what is considered great sounding and what is deemed obnoxious or silly.

There are many exhaust brands to choose from, all claiming to have the most unique sounding kits by way of special designs and careful decibel and drone research. 

When MGC decided to branch out into the exhaust system game, we did a ton of homework as to which brands we liked and wanted represented on our website. And more importantly which brands would make our customers happy.

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Not only is design and function important, the materials used are a huge part of the sound and quality achieved.

If and when you decide to upgrade the exhaust system of your vehicle, there are a few basic questions to ask. What materials are used? Stainless steel? Super light, expensive titanium? or something cheap and inferior that will soon rust, like mild steel.

Secondly, ask yourself about volume. How much louder (if at all) do I want my car to be. Some kits delete mufflers or secondary resonators, causing big jumps in volume and drone. If you want something mild always make sure you get mufflers included, and stay away from kits labeled as "race" or "track."

Choosing the wrong system for a daily driver will soon have your neighbors chucking eggs at your house and going Karen on you.

Lastly, do some research and read reviews about how the kits fit and how the installation process goes. Is it totally bolt-on and easy to install? Or is welding or cutting required.

And let's face it, along with a change in tone and some performance bumps, most of us get a new system to show off the shiny (or carbon fiber) new exhaust tips. Most quality exhaust brands are making beautiful, larger diameter tips these days. The final decision can be a tough one.

So on to the topic at hand of MGC's top 3 best sounding exhaust brands as recommended by people we've asked and a list of customer reviews, both good and bad.

Here they are in no particular order.


#3 AWE SwitchPath Edition Valved Exhaust Systems

AWE has one vision: To Unlock Performance. From award-winning handcrafted performance exhausts to track-tested carbon fiber intakes and performance intercoolers, AWE innovates, designs, manufactures, and distributes AWE brand performance products globally through its preferred network of dealers.

Since 1991, AWE's elite team of researchers, engineers, innovators and drivers have track-tested and introduced premium performance upgrades for some of the finest automobiles in the world.

Here's a product description for their SwitchPath kit for a 2018 Audi RS3.

Smooth bends, tight packaging, and two attitudes. The SwitchPath™ Exhaust is comprised of handcrafted 3-inch and 2.5-inch U.S.-sourced T304L stainless steel single pass, 5-cylinder-specific tuned driver’s side muffler with a valved passenger-side tip outlet.  

SwitchPath™ retains the factory valve behavior and obeys the ECU's commands based on throttle input, engine speed, Drive Select, and the factory-issued exhaust button within the cabin.

Sneaking out in the morning or creeping through town? Close the valve.

Drop the hammer (or click into Dynamic mode), and your RS3 will sing a signature AWE tune with enhanced RS burbles that will provoke a firm grin.

This system sounds great in either open or closed mode. The AWE systems install easily and fit and perform perfectly without rattles or squeaks. 

Here's a Youtube sound clip of an RS3 (with AWE mid pipes installed) to give you an idea:

 Get AWE exhaust systems at MGC. Use discount code WELCOME5 to get 5% off your first purchase of AWE products.


#2 Akrapovic Evolution Line Titanium Exhaust Systems

With full titanium construction, these ultra light weight exhaust systems cannot be considered affordable but they are definetely the best product to come out of Slovenia for sure.

Since they are mostly imported, supply chain issues do occur, so don't be surprised if the kit you want isn't available when you want to order it.

Contact us to place an order for a kit showing as not in stock.

Add horsepower and torque while drastically cutting weight. Beautiful carbon fiber tips finish off most of the systems. 

Fit and finish is second to none, and the sound is simply amazing. 

Akrapovic systems remove the perfect amount of back pressure and give gains in throttle and turbine response throughout the entire rev range without losing low end torque.

Drone free mufflers give a great tone that isn't unpleasant at any RPM.

Watch this video demonstrating the great sound of a BMW M8 with an Akrapovic exhaust.

Akrapovic should be a top 3 choice for anyone looking to upgrade the exhaust system off their high end European car. 

MGC is proud to be a dealer of fine Akrapovic products.


#1 SOUL Performance Valved Exhaust Systems

Soul Performance Products is located in a 20,000 square foot facility north of Philadelphia in Willow Grove, Pennsylvania.

Their R&D area is equipped with two BendPak lifts and all the tools necessary to allow them to design, engineer, test, prototype, and fixture components.

Their shipping area is set up to ensure that all components get a thorough inspection, orders ship complete with all hardware, and that products are well packed.

Soul Performance was formed by a team of auto enthusiasts with automotive industry experience looking to do the right thing by their customers.

They aim to deliver exemplary service worldwide by developing incredible sounding, proven exhaust components that are always ready to ship quickly.

Here is a description of one of their fine Porsche exhaust systems available on the MGC website.

"Porsche fits a restrictive and bulky exhaust system onto the 981 Cayman / Boxster, robbing it of its natural power and sound.

By reducing weight and implementing a valve system that offers a true night and day difference, you will instantly gain the response, character and sound that your car deserves.

While in quiet mode with the valves closed you will have a refined, sporty sound with no drone and retain the ability to quietly enter and exit your neighborhood without annoying those around you thanks to the high quality mufflers.

Unlock the valves and you’ll be ready to turn off the radio, roll down the windows and hit your favorite back roads or go hard at the track."

+  Fits all Porsche 981 Cayman / Boxster vehicles (2013-2016)
+  Direct bolt on installation with instructions included
+  Choose from a variety of exhaust tip finishes 
+  Valve controller kit included – necessary for cars without PSE and optional for cars with PSE to provide manual valve override
+  All Soul Performance Products components are backed by a renowned lifetime warranty for both street and track use.

Watch this SOUL performance video and realize the beautiful sound and great performance that can be achieved with their high quality, industry leading products.


There is our short list of the best sounding exhaust system brands available for European cars in 2022.

Feel free to visit our website to get a system for your car. 

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