Akrapovic Titanium Slip-On Line Exhaust w/Titanium Tips 2012-15 Porsche 911 Carrera S/4/4S/GTS 991

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Want the best sounding system for your Porsche 991?

It's a challenge to develop an aftermarket exhaust for the great 911.

The Akrapovič engineers have prepared a superb system with a dual nature.

The Good Stuff:

+13 horsepower

+35 lb/ft of torque

-20 pounds over bulky stock system

A clean deep rumble at idle. An exotic super car wail as RPM climb. Pops and burbles on over run that will make you smile every time. 


By using the optional Akrapovic sound kit, the driver can fully control the exhaust valves, which are controlled by the car’s electronics if no optional part is used.

When the valves are closed, the 911 sounds deeper than stock, but not louder.

When the valves are open, expect a completely opposite, pure racing sound, with adrenaline-pumping bangs and pops.

Keeping the drone effect away was one of the main tasks.

The Slip-On is made of special heat-resistant durable titanium alloy, with computer-designed pre-mufflers, main mufflers, and pipes to deliver more power, more torque, weight reduction, and improved throttle response.

Fits 991 S, 4, 4S, and GTS

The best sounding exhaust for Porsche 991 at MGC. 

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