Akrapovic 2017-18 Porsche Panamera Turbo Evolution Line Titanium Cat Back Exhaust System. (Tips Not Included)

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 Looking for the best exhaust system for Porsche Panamera Turbo?

This stunning system is made completely from high-grade titanium.

 It includes parts cast in the company’s in-house foundry, featuring an active X connection and an additional pair of exhaust valves behind the rear mufflers, designed to provide optimal control of the exhaust sound for the best aural enjoyment. 

The system has been perfectly tuned to deliver the very best sound experience in all modes. Enormous effort was invested to give it a sporty, deep, higher-frequency V8 sound with an unmistakable Akrapovic character, while keeping it smooth and eliminating any drone for maximum everyday comfort.

By using the optional Akrapovic Sound Kit, the driver can choose between a loud racy sound or a quieter note for long-distance driving, regardless of the mode chosen for the vehicle.

The look of the Evolution system can also be further enhanced by adding four round titanium or carbon-fiber exhaust tips. (Not included).

An increase in performance and torque through a broad rpm range and a significant weight savings of 40% makes this a very serious performance upgrade.

With optimized gas flow and reduced back pressure, it allows limitless tuning options.

Exhaust tips are sold separately in your choice of titanium or carbon fiber finish.

TP-CT/48-Carbon Tips

TP-T/S/18-Titanium Tips


Because it is ECE type approved with no need to remap the ECU or add any other parts, it is just a simple plug-and-play installation.

The exquisite Akrapovic Evolution Line (Titanium) exhaust system adds performance and style, along with an amazing soundtrack.


max. power kW 400.1 / 6200 rpm 405.4 / 6250 rpm + 8.3 / 5400 rpm
HP (m) 543.9 / 6200 rpm 551.1 / 6250 rpm + 11.3 / 5400 rpm
HP (i) 536.5 / 6200 rpm 543.6 / 6250 rpm + 11.1 / 5400 rpm
max. torque Nm 806.0 / 3850 rpm 804.3 / 3850 rpm + 14.3 / 5400 rpm
lb-ft 594.5 / 3850 rpm 593.2 / 3850 rpm + 10.5 / 5400 rpm
weight kg 30.6 18.1 - 12.5
lb 67.4 39.9 - 27.5
% - 40.8
inst. time min 135

With the use of the optional Akrapovič Sound Kit, the ECE type approval is no longer valid.

For vehicles with the base (non sport) Porsche exhaust system, which is then replaced by the Akrapovič Evolution Line system, the Middle Valve Actuator Kit (P-HF1170) is a mandatory upgrade.

 Fittment notice: This system does not fit on vehicles equipped with Otto particulate filter (OPF). This product will not fit on Executive models.


 Part# S-PO/TI/9H

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