Akrapovic 2019+ Porsche Cayenne Turbo/Coupe V8 (536) Evolution Line Titanium Exhaust System. Tips Not Included.

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This stunning system is constructed entirely of lightweight high-grade titanium.

Its beautiful and sleek design is finished with a central muffler with two pairs of larger diameter, hand made exhaust tips in titanium or carbon fiber finish. (Not included).

The sound has been tuned to deliver a fulfilling acoustic statement every time the car fires to life. The Evolution Line (Titanium) produces a deep, strong growl from the V8 turbo engine, giving the driver and passengers a true feeling of the immense torque the engine has to offer.

This is achieved through a carefully designed X-crossing element in the link pipes that influences the sound.

This allows the exhaust gases to mix from both sides of the engine, placing the resulting combination on par with a finely tuned musical instrument and creating raspy, high-frequency overtones as the revs rise, all without any compromise to aural clarity and comfort.

Fully ECE-compliant and with a simple plug-and-play installation, with no need to remap the ECU, the Evolution Line (Titanium) also adds increased performance to the stunning visual appeal.

Test gains achieved by the Akrapovič technicians in controlled conditions show both power and torque gains over the Porsche sport exhaust system of +8.2 kW at 5,600 rpm and +16.6 Nm at 2,400 rpm, respectively, making the system an impressive addition to the Porsche Cayenne Turbo (536).

The sound can be further controlled with the addition of the optional Akrapovič Sound Kit, which offers increased operational features over the exhaust system.


When fitted with the optional Akrapovic Sound Kit, ECE type approval is no longer valid.

Remember, the exhaust tips are not included when ordering this kit

ECE type approval is only valid for cars equipped with otto/gasoline particulate filter.

Part number



max. power kW 395.6 / 5300 rpm 402.7 / 5450 rpm + 8.2 / 5600 rpm
HP (m) 537.9 / 5300 rpm 547.5 / 5450 rpm + 11.1 / 5600 rpm
HP (i) 530.5 / 5300 rpm 540.0 / 5450 rpm + 11.0 / 5600 rpm
max. torque Nm 797.2 / 5300 rpm 800.3 / 5450 rpm + 16.6 / 2400 rpm
lb-ft 588.0 / 5300 rpm 590.3 / 5450 rpm + 12.2 / 2400 rpm
inst. time min 300

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