Akrapovic 2019+ Porsche Cayenne V6 (536) w/OPF/GPF Evolution Line Cat Back Titanium Exhaust System. Tips Not Included.

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This exhaust is constructed from high-grade lightweight titanium and features a central muffler that expands to produce larger diameter exhaust tips (not included) with a choice of either a titanium or carbon-fiber finish designed to complement the lines of the car.

Two valves on either side of the muffler control the airflow and are contained in valve housings cast in the Akrapovic in-house foundry.

Fully ECE type approved, the Evolution Line (Titanium) will reduce overall vehicle weight while delivering extra power and torque through the whole rev range.

With a specially developed and tuned sound, the system delivers a very high-frequency and raspy tone, especially when the car is in the higher rev range.

In the normal mode, the sound is quiet and ideal for town driving and cruising, but it still has the unmistakable Akrapovic feel.

Installation is plug&play, with no need to remap the ECU.

An optional Akrapovič Sound Kit is available, which will increase the aural pleasure at lower revs and further supplement the sound as the revs rise, adding a thrill to the launch of the car from a standstill.

Remember, the exhaust tips are not included when ordering this system. They are available separately here.


max. power kW 250.4 / 5750 rpm 252.8 / 5700 rpm + 4.0 / 5000 rpm
HP (m) 340.4 / 5750 rpm 343.7 / 5700 rpm + 5.4 / 5000 rpm
HP (i) 335.7 / 5750 rpm 339.0 / 5700 rpm + 5.4 / 5000 rpm
max. torque Nm 467.3 / 3650 rpm 473.3 / 3700 rpm + 8.0 / 4900 rpm
lb-ft 344.7 / 3650 rpm 349.1 / 3700 rpm + 5.9 / 4900 rpm
weight kg 30.1 17.1 - 13.0
lb 66.4 37.7 - 28.7
% - 43.2
inst. time min 300

With the use of the optional Akrapovič Sound Kit, the ECE type approval is no longer valid.

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