Eibach Sway Bar Kit 1978-89 Porsche 911 Carrera/SC

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This is a special order kit. Delivery time can be 2-4 weeks. 


24mm front bar.

25mm rear bar.


See fitment guide below for all applications and any special notes. 


Enjoy flatter, stiffer turn-in and cornering response with easy to install sway bar kits by Eibach.


Larger diameter anti-sway bars will reduce body roll while cornering giving increased road grip.


Manufactured from cold-formed, aircraft grade steel alloy for bullet proof performance.


Once formed to fit your vehicle perfectly, Eibach sway bars are given a thick coat of bright red powder coating for great looks and corrosion resistance.


Some kits have up to 3 options for mounting the drop links to adjust roll stiffness. 


Each kit comes complete with fresh urethane bushings, mounting instructions, and any necessary hardware for a proper installation. 


Porsche 911 sway bar kits at MGC. 


Images are example only and may not be the bar(s) for your car.


Fitment Guide:

  • 1984-1989 Porsche 911 Carrera H6.3163cc
    1984: Rear: 25mm Front: 24mm 911 Chassis
    1985: Rear: 25mm Front: 24mm 911 Chassis
    1986: Rear: 25mm Front: 24mm 911 Chassis
    1987: Rear: 25mm Front: 24mm 911 Chassis
    1988: Rear: 25mm Front: 24mm 911 Chassis
    1989: Rear: 25mm Front: 24mm 911 Chassis
  • 1978-1983 Porsche 911 SC H6.2999cc
    1978: Rear: 25mm Front: 24mm
    1979: Rear: 25mm Front: 24mm
    1980: Rear: 25mm Front: 24mm
    1981: Rear: 25mm Front: 24mm
    1982: Rear: 25mm Front: 24mm
    1983: Rear: 25mm Front: 24mm

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