Fabspeed HJS Sport Catalytic Converter 2017+ Porsche Boxster/Cayman 718

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Fits base, S, and GTS models.

Upgrade your exhaust flow by replacing your factory's ceramic 750-cell catalyst with a high-flowing 200-cell HJS HD EURO 6 certified catalyst imported from Germany.

Experience a perfect combination of performance, efficiency, and improved exhaust sound.                


Leveraging extensive engineering expertise and global testing, Fabspeed has carefully chosen an optimal catalyst for maximizing performance from your factory exhaust system.

This German imported 200 cell HJS HD catalyst is the top of the line solution to increase exhaust flow, resulting in a satisfying increase in turbo sound to match the extra horsepower gains.

This particular catalyst has a track record of success in various Ferrari and Lamborghini models, effectively enduring harsh conditions and effectively avoiding any potential engine warning indicators.

The HD designation represents the inclusion of a brazing stripe and specialized mantles that securely hold the metal matrix in place even in the most challenging conditions, guaranteeing the catalyst's integrity.

Experience improved performance without triggering a check engine light or the need for a tune. This groundbreaking technology was pioneered by Fabspeed's expert research and development team.

The portion of the exhaust that contains the catalyst is a rather large component, making a full replacement section costly. Fabspeed's elegant "Slip-on Design"  incorporates a OEM style Torca clamp for easy installation into the factory double walled exhaust configuration - simple cutting is required for installation.

The 718 stock catalytic converter can easily and quickly be bolted on to make the 718 exhaust back to stock at any time utilizing the same OEM quality torca clamp. Its super simple and all completely hidden under the cars sheet metal covers.

Its all undetectable. Simple cutting is the logical and smart way to accomplish a HJS German sport cat or cat bypass pipe. If your 718 is ever in an accident Porsche AG specifies cutting and replacing exhaust components. Its logical.         

The addition of Fabspeed's sport catalytic converter added 8.5 HP and 18 lb/ft of torque peak power gains when tested on a Dynojet on a stock vehicle.

13 wheel horsepower and 17 lb/ft at 4000 will make a significant difference in drivability.    

Provided is an easy to use INSTALL GUIDE.


  • Fits all 2017+ Porsche 718 Boxster/Cayman Base/S models Worldwide. Also fits 2017-20 GTS models. 
  • Improves power, sound, and throttle response by decreasing back pressure and increasing exhaust flow
  • Optimized for maximum performance with no check engine light
  • High flowing German imported 200-cell HJS HD catalyst for the ideal blend of performance and efficiency
  • High-quality .065" thick T304L stainless steel for optimum flow and maximum durability 
  • Designed and built in-house at Fabspeed in a full precision machine shop
  • Includes integrated O2 sensor bung in factory location
  • Included Torca clamp allows for reinstallation of factory catalyst at any time


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