Fabspeed Titanium Valvetronic X-Pipe Exhaust 2022+ Porsche Cayman GT4 RS

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Add 7 wheel horsepower and 9 lb/ft of torque while dropping 12 lbs. 

These systems are typically built per order. Actual delivery time can be 1-2 weeks. 

Elevate your GT4 RS with Fabspeed's all titanium Valvetronic X-pipe exhaust. 

Experience a more powerful engine and the signature high-pitched wail of the GT3. This plug-and-play exhaust is compatible with the factory exhaust valve system, allowing for easy use of your PSE button to control the volume.

An expertly designed and 3D scanned exhaust ensures a perfect fit to OEM standards. 

Designed to improve exhaust scavenging and eliminate resonance, the investment cast X-pipe links the 2 separate banks of the flat 6 engine. 

This exhaust system features helmholtz resonator technology to eliminate unwanted drone, making it the most reliable and best sounding system for Porsche GT4 RS and Spyder RS owners. Increase performance with confidence, guaranteed.

Now you can experience the high-pitched scream of the GT3 with the flip of a switch.

This X-pipe offers improved performance and a more aggressive sound, all while maintaining the high-quality standards of Fabspeed. 

The X-pipe merges the two exhaust banks, producing a thrilling 9000 RPM symphony. With the valved design, you can control the volume using the factory PSE button, ensuring a drone-free driving experience.

Experience increased volume and superior sound with this super lightweight titanium exhaust.

This system provides significant, dyno-proven power gains and is -12 lbs lighter than the factory version. It also retains PSE valved exhaust functionality, using aerospace quality Helical brand valves for optimal results.

Its Helmholtz resonator technology eliminates drone while a signature titanium cast X-pipe ensures superior flow and exhaust scavenging. Plus, this emissions-legal system is approved for all 50 states and ROW.

Constructed from premium titanium, this exhaust ensures optimal flow and long-lasting durability. With its precise OEM fit and easy bolt-on installation, you'll enjoy increased power and a race-inspired sound.

No check engine light guaranteed.



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