H&R Lowering Springs 1993-98 Volkswagen Golf/Jetta (54748)

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For units built after 7/1/1996. Also see fitment note below on checking your top hats to order correct spring kit.

Are you looking for the best lowering springs for your Volkswagen Golf or Jetta?

H&R lowering springs are the world's best selling spring kits, and MGC is proud to offer them.

1.4 Inches (35.5 mm) front lowering

1.3 Inches (33 mm) rear lowering.

A progressive rate coil design yields a stiffer spring that improves cornering and handling, while maintaining daily driver comfort.

The tasteful lower stance will definetely get noticed, and make you love your Volkswagen even more.

All H&R lowering springs are made of a special (hf) 54SiCr6 spring steel to ensure the best quality and performance.

H&R lowering springs are shot-peened to increase service life by 200%.

A thick powder coat finish ensures they will last, even in the harshest conditions.

All production and testing is done in house at H&R's ISO9001 certified production plant in Germany.

Volkswagen performance upgrades at MGC. 

Fits all trim level Golf and Jetta.

Fitment note:

There is a mid year change in the size of the top of the front springs; Please check to see which tops are in your car; Open the hood and look at the top of the struts; If the struts have a black plastic cap this should indicate that you have the large spring top, use part number 54764, 54715-88, 31016-1 or 31016T-1; If there is a round metal top with rubber around it and no plastic cap you should have the smaller spring end, use part number 54748, 54748-88, 31016-2 or 31016T-2 

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