H&R Sport Cup Kit 1998-05 Volkswagen Passat (31051-1)

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Fits 1.8T/2.0.  Fits all trim levels. 


Want to install lowering springs but have high mileage, worn out shocks?


Its not a good idea to put brand new lowering springs on higher mileage or leaking shocks. Replace it all at once and save big on labor costs and time.


MGC has this Volkswagen Passat suspension kit at a great price.


H&R sport cup suspension kits are a perfectly matched set of sport performance shocks and progressive rate lowering springs.


2 Inches (50.8 mm) front lowering. 

1.7 Inches (43.1 mm) rear lowering.


H&R has engineered these kits with correct shock valving and spring rates so a perfect balance of performance and comfort is achieved.


This is a great solution if you were thinking about lowering springs but need new shocks as well.


H&R cup kits are manufactured and finished with only the finest materials and are designed to fit and perform perfectly.


Also available: Volkswagen Passat lowering springs by H&R. The most affordable lowering option if your shocks are still in good condition.


Volkswagen Passat performance upgrades at MGC.

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