IPD Intake Plenum 2012-16 Porsche 911 Carrera/S 991

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This high performance intake plenum from Innovative Pro Design provides substantial power gains by increasing the efficiency and flow of the engine's air intake system.   



The all new specifically-designed Plenum for the 3.4L Carrera and 3.8L Carrera S is a direct bolt-on upgrade that replaces the factory air intake distributor and utilizes all pre-existing factory hardware and throttle body. Not required on X51 models since vehicle is already equipped with an efficient intake plenum and tuned accordingly. (2012 was a split model year, a 2012 911 Carrera could be either a 997.2 or 991, please verify if your car is a 997.2 or a 991 before purchase)

The improved IPD intake design allows for smoother, less turbulent and more efficient air flow resulting in impressive power and torque gains for Porsche driving enthusiasts.

The superior design of the DFI IPD plenum provides an additional 15 horsepower at the wheels. Unlike previous naturally aspirated IPD plenums that delivered stronger gains in the mid range, the new IPD DFI plenums deliver a similar shaped power curve as the factory but are considerably stronger from the mid range to redline without any loses in power down low.

Installation time is about 4-5 hours and should only be performed by a qualified Porsche technician.

  1. Superior and more efficient design over the factory intake.
    The IPD plenums are products of efficiency that simply improve intake air flow and increase air velocity. The “Y” shape design and dimpled interior surface make air flow more laminar (less turbulent) dramatically improving power and torque across the entire RPM band. Smoother more optimized intake air flow will improve the performance of any engines. The more efficiently an engine breaths, the more efficiently it produces power. 
  2. Deliver impressive power gains regardless of modifications.
    The superior design of the IPD Plenums optimize flow while increasing air velocity. Period! This applies to any Porsche engine, producing any level of power. The patented “Y” design delivers impressive performance gains for both bone-stock and highly modified Porsches. The more efficient design of the IPD Plenum will always outperform the factory air distributor. The factory intake will become even more detrimental to performance as your increase the power and torque outputs. The bigger the power, the better the IPD plenum performs.

  3. Produce substantial gains for both turbo and NA applications.
    The Plenums always deliver considerable gains on both turbo AND naturally aspirated engines. It's a fact that the Turbo Plenums do produce more power than the NA Plenums. But the Turbo engines also produce more power. The fact is that the percentage gains of the different Plenum applications are actually almost identical, around 8-10% depending on the specific model. 

  4. Do not require an ECU flash and will not cause a CEL.
    IPD Plenums should never cause a CEL or require an ECU Flash. If a Plenum is installed correctly there should be no fault codes or running issues, only solid performance gains across the entire RPM band. The only issue that could possibly arise is the need for a new MAF sensor if you already have a degraded sensor or perform a TB adaptation. There is absolutely no need to re-flash your ECU after installing an IPD Plenum, Period! Although any reputable Porsche tuner could further optimize an ECU program to achieve even greater performance gains with the Plenum installed.

  5. Aluminum Plenums run cooler and don't suffer from heat soak.
    The aluminum plenums do NOT experience heat soak under driving or racing conditions. It is true that aluminum has a higher thermal conductivity than plastic. In fact, aluminum is 650 times more thermally conductive than plastic and has a specific heat capacity that is 550 times higher than plastic. This means the aluminum Plenum actually spreads the energy it's exposed to 656 times faster than the plastic and can store more than 550 times the amount of energy per unit mass. Bottom line, aluminum can absorb more heat than plastic, but it also takes considerably more energy to heat up and it's losing that energy way faster than the aluminum allowing the IPD Plenum to remain cooler from outside ambient air under driving conditions, ultimately improving engine performance over plastic. Plus, why would Porsche utilize aluminum intakes on GT3's, GT2's, Cup Cars and Cup R's?

ECU Performance Software Recommended

The 997.2/981/991 are likely, but not guaranteed, to experience a CEL related to increased airflow after installing the IPD Plenum and larger 82mm GT3 Throttle Body. Unlike previous generation Porsches that used a MAF (Mass Air Flow) style metering device, the new 997.2/981/991 's employ a MAP (Manifold Absolute Pressure) sensor-based intake system.  As a result, the factory airflow tables are much more stringent (lower), and the ECU is much more discerning of additional air being introduced into the intact tract.

Assuming the installation was performed perfectly, it seems that about half of all 997.2/981/991 applications (Non-S, S, GTS, Spyder, and GT4) will still require a throttle body adaptation after installation of the IPD Plenum and 82mm GT3 TB. This procedure can only be performed with a factory Porsche PIWIS computer. Once the TB adaptation has been performed, you should be CEL free.

But occasionally some of the 981 applications will continue to experience a CEL related to the ECU reading intake airflow levels that exceed the threshold values programmed within the firmware of the ECU, ultimately causing one of the following fault codes (P0068, P1095, or P1074). If a CEL continues, we strongly suggest a revised mapping of the ECU or have a qualified Porsche ECU tuner to either disable or isolate and raise the airflow levels within the tables of the ECU to complement the IPD Competition Plenum, larger TB, and additional intake airflow being delivered by the IPD upgrade. 

Note: These CEL’s do not affect the performance or reliability of any 997.2/981/991, it's just the ECU letting you know that the intake tract is flowing more air than the car is programmed to receive, which is exactly what the IPD Plenum is designed to accomplish. This is how the performance gains are realized. 

NOTE: Not required on X51 models since vehicle is already equipped with an efficient intake plenum and tuned accordingly. Upgrade will not result in any power and driving enhancement.

NOTE: If you are upgrading your throttle body along with the IPD Plenum, you may need to visit a dealership to have them perform a manual throttle body adaptation process. Some customers have reported that installing the throttle body and plenum while the battery is disconnected results in the car performing an adaptation check once the battery is reconnected, alleviating the need to visit a dealership. However, we recommend having the adaptation performed at a certified dealership for optimal results. If you need a recommendation for a dealership in your area,

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