KONI STR.T Suspension Kit 1999-06 BMW E46. (1125 1011)

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Looking for an affordable lowering suspension kit for BMW E46?

Koni offers this high quality, budget friendly suspension kit that includes progressive rate Eibach lowering springs and Koni orange replacement shocks.

The perfect setup for your daily driven street car that you've always wanted to lower, and that needs new shocks as well.

Enjoy an eye-appealing lower stance that will transform the look of your BMW.

Averaged lowering of 1.3 inches so it sits perfectly level front to back for a clean, tasteful look.

Each kit is engineered per vehicle with proper shock valving and spring rates for best performance and comfort.

The best suspension kit for BMW E46 3-series are here at MGC.

Koni products offer a limited lifetime manufacturers warranty.

Fitment guide:

  • BMW-330i-2006
  • BMW-330i-2005
  • BMW-330i-2004
  • BMW-330i-2003
  • BMW-330i-2002
  • BMW-330i-2001
  • BMW-330Ci-2006
  • BMW-330Ci-2005
  • BMW-330Ci-2004
  • BMW-330Ci-2003
  • BMW-330Ci-2002
  • BMW-330Ci-2001
  • BMW-328is-1999
  • BMW-328i-2000
  • BMW-328i-1999
  • BMW-328Ci-2000
  • BMW-325i-2006
  • BMW-325i-2005
  • BMW-325i-2004
  • BMW-325i-2003
  • BMW-325i-2002
  • BMW-325i-2001
  • BMW-325Ci-2006
  • BMW-325Ci-2005
  • BMW-325Ci-2004
  • BMW-325Ci-2003
  • BMW-325Ci-2002
  • BMW-325Ci-2001
  • BMW-323is-1999
  • BMW-323i-2006
  • BMW-323i-2001
  • BMW-323i-2000
  • BMW-323i-1999
  • BMW-323Ci-2000
  • BMW-320i-2005
  • BMW-320i-2004
  • BMW-320i-2003
  • BMW-320i-2002
  • BMW-320i-2001

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