KW V3 Coilovers 2008-12 BMW M3 w/EDC (35220083)

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Includes EDC disable bundle to keep the dash lights off.


Fits E90/E92 Coupe and Sedan.


This is KW's top of the range coilover kit designed for street cars.


0.5-1.5 Inches (12.7-38 mm) front lowering range.

0.2-1.4 Inches (5-35.5 mm) rear lowering range.


Separate, 12 way compression and 16 way rebound adjustability to fine tune the ride exactly to your preference, or to optimize modifications like weight, tires, or additional bracing.


Individual compression and rebound adjustment dials make setting the response quick and easy.


Right out of the box, the dampers are preset for you to baseline response settings determined by KW, as an optimal starting point for your vehicle.


Micro tuning from that point to meet any need makes this V3 kit extremely versatile.


Variant 3 coilovers work within an approved lowering range that maintains proper suspension function and travel after lowering, usually 10-50mm.


Ride height adjustments are ultra smooth using dirt repelling, trapezoid shaped shock body threads and collars.


This means even after dirt and debris make their way into the shock body threads, the height adjustment collars will still turn freely with minimal effort.


Spanner wrench is included with the kit.


All corrosion resistant parts are mounted to stainless steel struts for a lifetime of performance, even in harsh weather conditions.


BMW M3 coilovers at MGC.

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