SOUL Performance 2012-16 Porsche 991.1 Carrera Base (without PSE) Valved Exhaust System

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      Searching the internet for the best exhaust system for Porsche 991?

      SOUL's 991.1 Carrera Valved Performance Exhaust System has been designed with the professional enthusiast in mind. With the valves open, exhaust gases are free to exit through a completely unrestricted path out of the tips, offering a flat six symphony with a tone that will raise the hairs on the back of your neck! On your way to pick up a client or heading out to dinner with someone special? Keep the valves in the closed position and enjoy a refined low key tone as the factory side mufflers do their job quite well. If you’re worried about drone on your PDK equipped car, this system has little to no drone.

      +  Fits all Porsche 991.1 Carrera Base models without PSE only. (2012-2016)
      Valves are controlled with included valve controller and optionally, HomeLink controls
      All Soul Performance Products exhaust components are backed by a renowned lifetime warranty for both street and track use.

      This is a hand made to order system. Delivery time is 2-6 weeks.

      Many owners are underwhelmed with their 991.1 Carrera’s sport exhaust sound and performance – it’s just not enough. We’ve set out to create an exhaust with a true Jekyll and Hyde personality that matches perfectly with the persona of the Carrera – a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Our first priority was to design the system so that with valves open, exhaust gases would have a straight flow path. By using a larger tubing diameter, smooth radius bends and proper X-pipe crossover flow characteristics (improving exhaust scavenging effects, leading to increased volumetric efficiency), our system improves throttle response and performance drastically over the restrictive factory sport exhaust.

      DEVELOPMENT AND TESTING:  Our aim was to refine the level of daily driving comfort without sacrificing the race inspired tone and straight-through exhaust design. A larger resonator would not yield the results we are looking for while requiring some revisions for clearances – this could compromise the high flow design principles of our exhaust. Adding higher flowing aftermarket headers – like our long tube street headers – to an aggressive rear system without proper sound attenuating features could result in a overly loud, possibly unpleasant driving experience. Nearly 40% of our customers paired their rear exhaust with upgraded headers making it imperative that we consider such a configuration and engineer the exhaust appropriately. Helmholtz resonators (also known as anti-drone tubes) are an effective way to reduce undesirable frequencies when engineered and utilized correctly.  The 991.1 Carrera has an inherent 3,000-3,500 RPM range where drone can present itself when you add higher flowing exhaust components. Our goal was to filter out the undesirable frequencies in that range while smoothing the valves closed to open transition on factory PSE equipped cars. For the base model, we devised a solution to allow for retaining the factory side mufflers – simply cut the factory side mufflers and clamp on the included secondary pipes which connect the side mufflers to the exhaust tips.

      SOUL's final design has proved to offer the very best results on this application and achieved our high standards for sound quality and drivability. The math can be done to create the Helmholtz resonators – but how you incorporate them into your design makes a big difference.

      SOUND:  The sound is aggressive, a primary benefit of our system is that with valves open there is straight, unrestricted path from the 2.5″ piping to the tips – but we’ve effectively massaged extra refinement into the system to match the premium experience that embodies all things Porsche. With valves both open and closed the X-pipe helps smooth the sound even further. All in all, we’re very happy with the results and we’re sure you will be too! With valves open, the free flowing nature of the system allows for a Cup car inspired sound – greater volume with a greater amount of crackles and burbles on deceleration.  This system is for those who want added aggression at the press of a button. With valves closed the tone is very reasonable and refined, drone is kept to a minimum while still allowing for the flat six sound to be heard.

      POWER:  Eurocharged Canada unlocked gains of 27 wheel horsepower and 36 ft-lbs of torque at 4,000 RPM with their ECU tune, SOUL Valved Performance Exhaust System, and BMC air filters on 93 octane fuel.

      Porsche 991 performance parts at MGC.

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