ST Sport Suspension Kit for 1994-01 Audi A4 Quattro (Sedan or Wagon)

Sale price$759.00 USD


Looking for the best way to lower your car and replace worn shocks without committing to coilovers?

ST sport-tech suspension kits are a fantastic way to greatly improve your vehicle’s appearance and handling without breaking the bank.

ST sport suspension kits use twin-tube shocks with fixed damping and matched rebound and spring rates to deliver a more responsive driving experience.

Depending on the make and model, ST sport suspension kits will typically give a lowering amount of 25mm (1 inch).

ST sport suspension kits feature perfectly matched lowering springs and dampers to ensure the best possible handling after installation.

The pre-set damping and lowering amount is engineered per vehicle.

Each kit features a low friction and pressure resistant housing with a high-quality mono block guide and seal package for maximum longevity.

ST suspension lowering kits engineered by KW are a smart, affordable way to lower your vehicle and replace old shocks at the same time.

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