ST XTA Adjustable Coilovers for 2009-16 Audi A4 Avant Quattro

Sale price$899.10 USD


ST XTA coilovers feature KW damping technology which allows the suspension to be made either stiffer or softer depending on the driving conditions.

 This damping adjustment is made on the upper end of the chromed piston rod allowing the setup to be changed almost instantly.

If the rebound force is increased, your car will drive with more track stability and reduced body roll.

If rebound force is decreased, it will be more daily driver comfortable.

For increased performance, ST XTA coilovers feature an aluminum adjustable top mount allowing the camber and caster to be adjusted depending on your driving needs or vehicle setup.

Adjustable aluminum uni-ball top mounts are included (when possible).

Galvanized coilover bodies with additional coating for life long corrosion protection.

Scaled camber adjustment is marked on the mounts.

10-85mm of lowering range. (.5-3.3 inches)

Lowering is within the TÜV-tested, safe adjustment range.

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