Tarett Eccentric Monoball Bearing Kit 1997-2019 Porsche 911, Boxster or Cayman. (2260006)

Sale price$389.99 USD


Fits:  996/997/986/987/981/991/718

These Eccentric Control Arm Monoball Cartridges replace inner rubber bushings with spherical bearings, provide low friction and precisely held camber settings.

The eccentric design allows increasing or decreasing camber, as needed. Made from hardened steel, plated and weather sealed, these bearings are made to last.

Fits easily into the front and rear stock and GT3 type control arms of 1997 on to 991 cars. Increasing camber: Position the eccentric to maximize lower wishbone length, adding about .36 degree of negative camber on the rear suspension and .39 degrees on the front suspension.

Cost effective for cars that just want extra camber. For even more camber and ease of adjustment, check out the GT3 fully adjustable control arms by Tarett.

Decreasing camber: Position the eccentric to minimize lower wishbone length. Perfect for lowered cars that have too much negative camber and want to get back to factory camber settings to minimize tire wear on the street.

Makes rear camber about .36 degrees more positive, front camber about .39 degrees more positive.

The best suspension upgrades for Porsche 911 are at MGC.

Part #2260006

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