Vogtland Lowering Springs 2006-14 Audi A3/VW Golf/Jetta (950007)

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Audi A3, type 8P, 2.0T, Excludes Quattro, Years 2006-13

VW Golf V/VI Type 1K, 1.9 TDI, 2.5L, 2.0 Turbo, TSI, GTI, (09 - 20mm drop), Excludes AWD Years 2006-14

VW Jetta V, type 1K, 1.9l TDI, 2.5l, 2.0l Turbo, GTI ('09 GLI - 25 mm drop), Excl AWD Years 06


German spring manufacturer Vogtland has been winding coil springs since 1903.

Experience the difference a set of their progressive rate lowering springs will make.


Lowering Amount
1.4 Audi/1.6 Golf/1.8 Jetta 


Designed to be 10-15% stiffer than stock for a great blend of improved handling and daily driver comfort.


Wound cold, then heat treated and powder coated for excellent performance and long service life.


Finished in a shiny, cherry red finish.


Dont be tempted by cheap, no-name knock-offs. Insist on quality the first time. Go with Vogtland.


The best lowering springs for Audi A3 are at MGC.


Also available: Audi A3 sway bar kit by ST. Stiffer, larger diameter bars with new urethane bushings. 


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