3 Best Suspension Upgrades for BMW E39 5-Series (Under $1,000)

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The BMW E39 is the 4th generation of their 5-series sedan.

The mid-sized E39 was manufactured between 1995 and 2004.

it was available in a base configuration and also as a BMW E39 M5.

BMW E39 suspension upgrades can be easy and affordable with the correct research.

MGC Suspensions offers and sells many BMW E39 suspension kits and sales volume makes it obvious the E39 still has a big cult following.

As these cars age and change hands from father to son, mother to daughter, friend to friend, etc, the budget for upgrades is slowly starting to dwindle. 

This effect is what inspired us to create a short list of BMW E39 suspension kits that won't drain your bank account. 

Sure it's still possible to spend big money and do a complete track ready BMW E39 suspension upgrade. But with that cost easily surpassing the price of  a fair condition 5-series, it just doesn't make sense to most enthusiasts.  


 To make things interesting, we challenged ourselves to come up with a short list of BMW E39 suspension parts that will drastically improve handling over an old, aging, high mileage stock suspension. 

To make things even more interesting we created a budget cap of $1,000.00!

These kits are perfect for both first time aftermarket parts buyers and experienced enthusiasts because they are by well trusted, high quality brands.

Our list was filtered down to just 3 kits, but read until the end where we make some additional product recommendations.

We will prove a great BMW E39 suspension kit can be had for a great price.

As a note before we start, I understand we won't be addressing smaller parts like control arms, bushings, links, etc. 

These parts should be inspected and replaced if excessive play or noise is present.

We created this list as suggestions for suspension upgrades once basic components are deemed fit. 


And now our 3 best suspension kits for BMW E39 under $1000.00.


1. Vogtland Club Lowering Suspension Kit



Priced at just 695.99, the Vogtland club kit is simply one of the best products  available under $1000.00.

Vogtland is an international spring manufacturer.  With over 110 years of experience, you can trust Voogtland sport suspension kits to handle your vehicles most demanding performance needs.

 From the street to the track Vogtland suspension kits are a great suspension upgrade for BMW E39.  Vogtland prides themselves on quality, with 100% of their manufacturing done in Germany, you can rest assured no corner has been cut.  

Every spring and suspension kit is designed and engineered to perform under the most demanding conditions.


Doing a BMW E39 suspension upgrade project?

On a budget but still want a set of  lowering springs and new shocks? 
Vogtland has what you need.
Progressive rate lowering springs are matched with twin tube performance shocks, giving a huge upgrade to the stock units.
Lowering of 2 Inches front and 1.3 Inches rear.
These are without a doubt, the best lowering suspension kits available at this price point. 
Better handling and a noticeable lower stance in one box. 
You can feel confident choosing Vogtland, because they are a German suspension company that has been winding coil springs for over 100 years.

Complete Front and Rear Kit


BMW 5 E39, all 6 cyl., excl. 8 cyl., EDC, Touring, Years 97-03 (w/o self leveling air suspension)



2. Koni 1125 Series Suspension Kit


Priced at just 713.99, this non-adjustable Koni kit is well under our budget cap. 

In fact, if you can stretch your budget just a bit past 1,000.00, you could actually add a set of sway bars to any of the 3 kits listed here for an awesome budget friendly upgrade setup. 



Looking for an affordable lowering suspension kit for BMW E39?

Koni offers this high quality, budget friendly suspension kit that includes progressive rate Eibach lowering springs and Koni orange sport tuned shocks.

The perfect setup for a daily driven E39 that you've always wanted to lower, and that needs new shocks as well.

Enjoy an eye-appealing lower stance that will transform the look of your BMW.

Average leveled lowering of 1.3 inches (33mm) so it sits perfectly level front to back.

This kit is engineered specifically for the E39 BMW, with proper shock damping and spring rates for a perfect blend of performance and ride comfort.

Koni products offer a limited lifetime manufacturers warranty.


Key Features:

  • Entry level performance shock absorbers
  • Up to 40mm of lowering with Eibach lowering springs
  • Perfect for OE replacement or vehicle improvement
  • Non-adjustable
  • Engineered kits for specific vehicle applications
  • Lifetime Warranty

KONI has been in business for 150 years, involved in automobile dampers since 1932 and has produced adjustable telescopic dampers since 1945.

In addition, though known best for cars, KONI also builds shocks for trucks and buses as well. What this adds up to is well-earned design and manufacturing experience.



3. Bilstein B12 Suspension Kit

Priced at 984.99, this kit barely squeaks in under our price limit for the challenge. 


Maximum performance and great looks. Track day drivers and street tuning fans have been relying on beautifully engineered Bilstein suspension products for decades.

Whether it’s superior driving dynamics or eye-appealing lowering, In the performance aftermarket Bilstein offers sport-minded motorists high-performance dampers and threaded coilover suspensions for suspension optimization. 


The Bilstein B12 kit for the BMW E39 is (in our opinion) the best suspension kit available under $1,000.00. 




Fits 525i/528i/530i sedan.

Looking for an affordable lowering suspension kit?

Looking for the best way to lower your E39 and replace worn out shocks at the same time?

The Bilstein B12 lowering suspension kit is a great option.

It's the perfect combination of parts from 2 legendary brands.

30 mm (1.2 Inches) front and rear lowering.

Bilstein started with a set of their performance B8 dampers, then called on Eibach for some progressive rate lowering springs.

The dampers and springs are engineered and matched for the BMW E39, with proper compression, rebound, and spring rates, for a perfect balance of performance and comfort.

Experience much improved handling, response, and turn-in without the ride being harsh or bumpy.

These kits offer the most bang for your buck and are a great starting point for a budget minded suspension upgrade project.



Finding quality suspension parts with a smaller budget can be challenging.

There are very cheap options available, but they are typically off brands you probably haven't heard of and who knows how long they will last, and what type of performance they can actually offer.

All 3 kits on our list can be trusted to have long service lives because they are made with top quality metals, materials, and corrosion resistant coatings.

You simply can't go wrong with Bilstein, Vogtland, or Koni. 


As we mentioned before, we have a couple more suggestions. 

They may go outside our 1,000.00 cap, but just some additional options. 


If you happen to have an E39 with new shocks, here is a great kit to consider.


Eibach Pro-Plus Suspension Kit



MGC is proud to carry these convenient all-in-one kits that will affordably transform your BMW E39 suspension.

Eibach has carefully matched progressive rate lowering springs with larger diameter, stiffer sway bars for superior handling over stock.

Get a clean lower stance (1.5 inches on average) depending on vehicle, and much improved cornering grip in 1 kit. Some kits offer adjustable end link positioning if it is beneficial. 

Please consider using Bilstein B8 or Koni Sport (Yellow) dampers for best results.


If you really want a set of height adjustable coilovers for your E39, we like AST. 



AST Suspension 2000 Series Coilovers


Priced at 1349.00, they are over 1000.00, but definetely worth considering.


AST offers this beautiful entry level coilover kit that is height adjustable so you can set the stance exactly where you like it.

Height adjustments are easy with the supplied spanner wrenches.

Preconfigured damping and proper spring rates are engineered per vehicle by AST for a perfect balance of great handling and daily driver comfort.

The AST 2000 series is developed for non track users that wish to enjoy their car during spirited street or canyon driving.

This is the best coilover kit for driving enthusiasts who want a big suspension upgrade without getting too crazy.

Developed and tested to be plug and play.

Most kits come with formed springs.

Fits with the OEM top mounts.

Twin tube damping system.

30-65mm of lowering range.


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