6 Best Suspension Upgrades for Porsche 987 Boxster/Cayman

The Porsche 987 Boxster and Cayman series were introduced in 2005 (2006 for the first year 987 Cayman)

It was the second serving of the Boxster which began in 1997 as the 986 generation. It was the first generation of the hardtop Cayman. 

987 Boxster in silver with red top

 Sales of the Boxster (and the Cayenne SUV) are credited for keeping Porsche from bankruptcy in the late 90's/early 2000's. 

Unlike the classic 911 rear engine design, the Boxster/Cayman platform uses a mid engine design. Arguably, this will have some saying that the Boxster/Cayman platform actually handles better than its big brother 911.

At MGC suspensions we sell suspension and exhaust upgrades for European cars. We have a passion for Porsche and offering customers the best options available for personalizing and improving their vehicle. 

In this short article I will show 6 great suspension upgrades for the Porsche 987 Boxster/Cayman. These upgrade parts are more specific to daily driven cars that aren't in need of heavy modification for dedicated track use. 

If you are looking for specific recommendations based on your personal goals and budget use our Suspension Builder Guide. Answer some easy questions and get a list of product ideas that are best for you. 

Silver 987 Porsche Cayman side profile picture

Here is our list of top selling products for the Porsche 987 Boxster/Cayman:


KW V3 Coilovers

Want a fully adjustable set of coilovers for your Porsche 987 Cayman that can have you prepared for any driving suituation? Perfect for street and light track use.

This is KW's top of the range coilover kit designed for street cars.

Separate, 12 way compression and 16 way rebound adjustability to fine tune the ride exactly to your preference, or to optimize modifications like weight, tires, or additional bracing.

Individual compression and rebound adjustment dials make setting the response quick and easy.

Right out of the box, the dampers are preset for you to baseline response settings determined by KW, as an optimal starting point for your vehicle.

Micro tuning from that point to meet any need makes this V3 kit extremely versatile.

Variant 3 coilovers work within an approved lowering range that maintains proper suspension function and travel after lowering, usually 10-50mm.

Ride height adjustments are ultra smooth using dirt repelling, trapezoid shaped shock body threads and collars.

This means even after dirt and debris make their way into the shock body threads, the height adjustment collars will still turn freely with minimal effort

Spanner wrench is included with the kit.

All corrosion resistant parts are mounted to stainless steel struts for a lifetime of performance, even in harsh weather conditions.

Simply one of the best coilover kits for the 987 Cayman. Transform handling performance and have full control of damping and ride height. 


For something more basic and affordable, our second upgrade idea is a very smart one for those needing to replace high mileage, original struts. 


Bilstein B12 Suspension Kit 

An easy to order, all in one kit that is perfect for someone lowering a Porsche 987 Cayman or Boxster and also needs to replace their shocks at the same time.

The Bilstein B12 lowering suspension kit is a great option.

1.2 Inches (30.4 mm) front and rear lowering.

It's the perfect combination of parts from 2 legendary brands.

Bilstein started with a set of their performance B8 dampers, then called on Eibach for some progressive rate lowering springs.

The dampers and springs are engineered and matched per vehicle, with proper compression, rebound, and spring rates, for a perfect balance of performance and comfort.

Experience much improved handling, response, and turn-in without the ride being harsh or bumpy.

These kits offer the most bang for your buck and are a great starting point for a budget minded suspension upgrade project.

The best suspension kits for Porsche 987 Cayman at MGC.


For those who don't have very many miles on their Porsche suspension and just want to lower their car for a great looking lowered stance: 


Vogtland Lowering Springs


A perfectly weighted spring that keeps the daily drive smooth and comfortable. Proper leveled lowering front to back for a clean stance. 

German spring manufacturer Vogtland has been winding coil springs since 1903.

 Experience the difference a set of their progressive rate lowering springs will make.

1.2" (30.4mm) front and rear lowering. A perfectly leveled drop that looks amazing. 

Designed to be 10-15% stiffer than stock for a great blend of improved handling and daily driver comfort.

Wound cold, then heat treated and powder coated for excellent performance and long service life.

Finished in a shiny, cherry red finish.

Dont be tempted by cheap, no-name knock-offs. Insist on quality the first time. Go with Vogtland.

The best lowering springs for Porsche 987 Boxster or Cayman.

Also available: Porsche 987 Boxster/Cayman coilovers by ST. Made by KW in Germany. Height adjustable kit tuned for comfortable street use. 


For even better handling, all of the parts above work very well in conjunction with larger diameter, stiffer sway bars:


Tarett Sway Bars

Front and rear bars available. All bars include new urethane bushings for a tight fit. Reduce lateral body roll for improved cornering grip. Adjustable for roll stiffness. 

Drop links are required for adjustable front bars. Tarett front and rear drop link kits are also available on our website. 

Tarett Engineering is proud to announce their new GT series front sway bars.

Made to the exact same specs as the Porsche OEM GT3 bars, for the same perfect fit and performance, but at a more affordable price.

CNC machine bent from aerospace quality 4130 chrome moly material for reliability you can depend on, and finished in black powder coating.

Pair them with our drop links to provide a winning combination. The GT-Series bars are SPC, SPB, & SP996 spec legal.

The light weight hollow design is half the weight of a solid bar with the same stiffness.

Multiple attachment hole positions allow for quick and easy sway bar stiffness rate adjustments to fine-tune your car's handling, for various track conditions and driving styles.

All components are designed and manufactured to the highest quality standards, and make this the finest and most reliable sway bar on the market.

The OEM Porsche GT3 bars are still available for those that prefer to use the authentic Porsche parts.

Need an even stiffer front bar? The 997/987 bar is now available in 28.6mm size. Approximately 35% stiffer than the 997 GT3 26.8mm bar.

4130 chrome moly material, 4 or 5 position adjustable, 996 and BSR spec legal, and a beautiful powder coated finish.


To keep geometry and alignment correct in the rear after lowering:


Tarett Rear Toe Control Arm Kit

For all Porsche 996/997/986 & 987. 

If you just lowered your Porsche, chances are you need adjustable toe arms to keep geometry correct.

Restore proper suspension geometry with this adjustable lower rear control arm.

The factory control arm can’t compensate enough when lowering your 996/997/986/987, leaving you stuck with as much as ½” of toe in.

The result is poor handling and rapid tire wear.

This kit will provide the additional adjustment needed. The adjusting link has a left and right hand thread on each end. Rotating the link will increase or decrease the overall length of the arm.

A precision Teflon lined spherical rod end replaces the compliant rubber factory bushing for improved suspension response and feedback, and also reduces toe changes during acceleration and deceleration.

The result is improved stability and control.

The complete kit comes as shown, including new Porsche outer tie rods.

These are the aftermarket toe control arms that have been exclusively certified for SPB & 996 Spec racing.  


Using a locking plate kit with the toe links is recommended to keep alignment adjustments set. 






Similar to the rear setup needing more adjustment after lowering, the front needs a little attention as well. Correct tie rod angle to eliminate bump steer and binding. 


Tarett Motorsport Tie Rod Kit

Fits all Porsche 986/996/987/997/981/718 models.


Tarett Engineering is proud to provide these new Motorsport style tie rods.  Inspired by the Porsche Motorsport design. This no compromise design is hands down the best tie rod kit on the market. 

* Pinch Style Locking Design:  Provides easy alignment compared to the typical jamb nut designs that tend to shift when you lock them down.  Several tedious iterations are usually needed to get it right.  The pinch style design allows you to simply set toe and lock it down with no shifting and resetting required.  It also allows for a significantly increased adjustment range.

* Bump Steer Optimized & Adjustable:  The attachment to the wheel carrier is raised more than any other kit on the market, thus maximizing bumpsteer reduction.  Spacers can be added as needed to adjust bump steer, but most applications require raising the attachment point to reduce bumpsteer.

* High Quality Rod Ends:  Precision grade 3-piece Teflon lined spherical rod ends replace the compliant factory rubber bushing for improved suspension response and feedback, and also reduces toe changes under acceleration and deceleration.  The result is improved rear end stability and control.  The rod ends are oversized for high strength and long life, and have a fine thread for more precise adjustability.  The Teflon liner is self-lubricating for smooth and quiet operation, and long life.

* Extended Length Optional:  Provides safe tie rod thread engagement on the 991 and 981 running a total of 12mm or more front LCA shims.

Sold as a pair.  One pair required per car. 

Note: Tighten M6 locking screw to 3-4 ft-lbs.





Looking for a great sounding exhaust system for your 987.1 Boxster or Cayman?

In my opinion this is the best sounding kit for the platform. Deep tone at idle that soon sings at higher RPM. Pops and burbles on over run that will put a smile on your face every time. 

Headers and exhaust are also available individually. 


SOUL Street Exhaust Package

The Soul Performance street package for your 987.1 Cayman or Boxster is built by enthusiasts, for enthusiasts.

Look at the stock headers on your car, you can see the massive catalytic converters, thin flanges and squashed primary tubing, ultimately holding back power. 

Moving rearward to the OEM exhaust system, a secondary set of catalytic converters is in place within the exhaust to prevent power even more.

The Street Package focuses on all of the weak points of the OEM exhaust system and replaces them in one fell swoop.

Designed to work in perfect harmony, the long tube street headers and performance exhaust system rely on a mutually beneficial design.

The headers use large, long primary tubes that flow into a smooth merge collector and HJS catalytic converter to reduce the chances of a check engine light and fumes.

The Performance exhaust system uses mandrel bent, over-axle pipes while deleting the secondary catalytic converters for a big increase in flow. 

The fortified, high flow mufflers encourage a tasteful but hair raising sound while minimizing drone. You’ll really enjoy the increased responsiveness and character of your 987.


+  Fits all Porsche 987 Cayman / Boxster vehicles (2005-2008)

+  Direct bolt on installation – instructions included

+  All Soul Performance components are backed by a lifetime warranty 


CONSTRUCTION:  These precision engineered headers are meticulously fabricated from T304L stainless steel.  

Proven design elements including port matched flanges, smooth radius primary tubing, and collectors that optimize the exhaust flow all work in conjunction to maximize power gains.

Every set is rigorously quality-checked prior to shipping. Each system is made from mandrel bent T304L stainless steel tubing and features mufflers with fortified casings in the interest of durability.

Merge spikes are incorporated into the headers to smooth exhaust flow into the collector and increase power.

HJS CATALYSTS:  SOUL uses the highest quality catalytic converters available, known for their industry leading flow and durability.

They are efficient enough to meet strict EURO 3 emission standards while still allowing for an increase in flow while greatly reducing the chance of getting a check engine light.

The HJS HF design uses premium double foil winding for exceptional strength and durability.

TIPS:  Choose from several different tip styles and finishes, from single wall 321 stainless tips to double wall chrome tips.

Titanium single wall tips are also available and save nearly a pound of weight over stainless steel tips.

BOLT ON AND GO:  Each product is tested in a fixture to guarantee fitment and then foam packed to ensure they arrive in perfect condition.

Thorough installation instructions are included in the box for a straightforward install that can be performed by most DIY enthusiasts.

LIFETIME WARRANTY:  Enjoy your SOUL exhaust components with confidence on both the street and track as they are covered by a lifetime warranty. 

SOUL covers the HJS catalytic converters with an unprecedented 3-year warranty while the pipes themselves are backed by the lifetime warranty.

+  This package is not CARB certified and may not be legal for use on emissions controlled vehicles; intended for off road use only

Porsche 987 Cayman and Boxster exhaust systems available here. 

If you have any questions or need other product ideas please Contact Us and we are happy to help with your project. 

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