Why We Started MGC Suspensions. It's Not Always About Money.-MGC Suspensions

Why did we start all this? Why should you buy from MGC suspensions?

Because our company was born from a passion and history for great looking cars and a love for the friendliest culture in the world, the car culture.

We wanted you to have access to the best German car suspension parts website ever.  

My name is Mike Connors and I am the owner of MGC suspensions, based in Anaheim, Ca.

We are a family-owned business that began with the help of my father Bill, who started a mail-order parts company with two brothers in Los Angeles. They opened their shop in 1976, long before the internet.

The company was called DOBI, and they sold everything from fiberglass fender flares to camshafts.

I grew up rooted in the aftermarket business, eventually leaving it to pursue a career in the medical field.

That proved to be unfulfilling and boring for me, so I'm excited to be back keeping things going in the European car suspension and exhaust world.

Our company and philosophy are unique and special because we don't want to be the biggest company in the industry, just the most customer involved and passionate.

We work very closely with top manufacturers to give you the most organized suspension parts website to date. It will answer all of your questions and offer the best parts available for your budget.

We have a long list of great shops across the country that can help you with installation services to get the job done right. We want our customers to know they used the best website to get what they need for their project.

It is our goal to make sure every order is correct, and shipped out fast to anywhere in the world.

MGC suspensions strives to fill a sweet spot the performance parts aftermarket has needed for some time.

A parts source that is family-owned, but with the history, connections and knowledge to offer very competitive pricing, and an online ordering experience that is second to none.

We have chosen to be laser-focused on euro-car suspension and exhaust parts, so we can be the best. So whether you drive a Porsche, Audi, Volkswagen, BMW or Mercedes-Benz, MGC can help you take all the stress out of ordering suspension parts.

We stock the best and most trusted brands so you know you will receive quality parts every time.

Get the best suspension and exhaust upgrades available at a fair price.

Don't make the mistake of having amazon or eBay drop fake, useless junk on your porch. We have coilovers, lowering springs, sway bars, shocks, struts, and complete kits.

We have also created Suspension Builder.

Fill out a quick form with your car details, suspension goals, and budget. We will send you personalized product recommendations and a discount code. 

We want our customers to feel confident with their product choices.  


At MGC Suspensions, your project is our passion.

Once Bill figures out this whole internet thing he will send free stickers with every order.

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Mike Connors


My dad Bill (on the left) with two friends in front of their shop called DOBI circa 1977.

MGC suspensions is a proud member of SEMA.

Our company photographer (My niece Reilly) hard at work.

Myself with one of my favorite cars, Magnus Walker's 277 car at his place in L.A.

We proudly wear our company logo


The MGC suspensions project car. A 2003 Porsche 996 Carrera. Stay tuned for content on this one! 


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