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If you haven't seen a Magnus Walker Porsche then you're missing out.

In December of 2018 we had a great opportunity to meet Magnus Walker, the urban outlaw and worlds most passionate Porsche fan. If you don't already know who he is, check out the youtube video that made him famous.

Magnus was nice enough to open his home and shop for a small group of us to see his collection of Porsche cars as well as a special guest appearance from the actual 1968 Mustang in the classic Steve Mcqueen movie, Bullitt.

The owner of the car was kind enough to let us view the car up close and personal. The collection of cars Magnus has accumulated isn't vast by any means, but rather a well thought out group that spans all varieties of Porsche. Rear engined 911's, front engined 928s, 944s and 924s, as well as mid engined 914s.

He has a car to suit any mood. My favorite cars in his collection are the early non-intercooled, mid 70s 911 turbos.(especially the Minerva blue one). His garage is also full of all types of memorabilia, spare parts and now a small shop of clothing and merchandise for sale.

You can see all he has to offer here on his company website.

Along with his first youtube video, urban outlaw, Magnus has posted many other videos documenting him driving and enjoying his, and other people's Porsches. (he calls that OPP), as well as telling stories about how he came to be who he is, how he started his life building a clothing company (serious clothing) from the ground up and on to his time leasing the building he bought to movie studios.

His life is well documented in his autobiographical book, check it out here He travels extensively driving Porsches all over the United States and abroad to create great content and have a blast doing it. It was a pleasure to meet him and realize he is a very down to earth, regular guy who is nice enough to let people regurlarly poke around his place, ask him questions and take pictures with him.

He was even nice enough to give my niece a quick video plug for our company, (which he had never heard of before). simply because she asked. If you are looking to be inspired or energized in any aspect of your life, Magnus and his online content are a great place to start. His passion for life and what he loves is contagious. He makes a point through his catch phrase "get out and drive" to say life is short, drive your car, dont let it sit in the garage. It was made to be driven and enjoyed.

I now know for sure that he lives by this motto, as his most famous car, the #277 1971 911T, is heavily scratched, dinged, ripped and stained. Driving patina at its finest if you ask me. I highly recommend following him on instagram at magnuswalker.

I took as many photos as i could while we were there and am proud to share them here with you in this blog post. As our website is being finished during the beginning of 2019, our web designer, asked me, "If your website was a person who would you want it to be?" I instantly answered, Magnus Walker.

There is evan a pair of Magnus Walker Nike dunks available. 

His passionate, follow your gut attitude towards life has been a great example we are proud to emulate. Visit our website for great Porsche suspension products like-

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