Our 9 Best Coilover Kits for 2024. Top Coilover Brands Ranked

2023 has come to an end and 2024 is here. We thought it would be fun to go back and see what coilover kits sold best and what our customers had to say about them. 

We compiled data from actual sales volume, product reviews, and responses to our Suspension Builder Form which gives potential customers appropriate product recommendations based on their vehicle, how they use it, and their project budget. Try it. It's free!

At MGC we love sending our customers great products at the best prices. 

We have created a list of our 9 best selling coilover kits.

We have also added a sleeper kit at the end that is becoming popular for its great price point and quality. (It may be a brand you've never heard of before)

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Our 9 Best Selling Coilover Kits for 2023

All 9 kits are proven to be of the highest quality and provide great performance for street and light track use. Made with the finest materials so they will last the life of your car. With proper spring rates and damping values, these kits are comfortable enough for daily driving. Most are rebuildable.

You simply cannot go wrong with any of them.

Don't be tempted by a set of cheap, no-name coilovers with a price that seems too good to be true. They will end up in the dumpster shortly after your coccyx cracks from the ride being so horrible. On with the list. 


 9. AST 5100 Series Coilover Kit. 

 Looking for better performance from your daily driver? Want to do some track days?

 Or is it a combination of both you want?

 The 5100 series kit by AST may be the perfect option for you. 

AST coilovers are engineered and made by skilled techs in the Netherlands. 

 1-way damping adjustable, the 12 positions give clear feedback changes with each adjustment, each offering a different driving experience.

 Inverted strut design to cope with heavy side load and braking load.


  • In some cases the non inverted system is used.
  • Improved handling and consistent performance due to Monotube technology
  • Ride Height adjustable
  • Gas Pressurized (i: gas and oil are divided by a floating piston)
  • Designed to run OEM top mounts.


8. ST X Coilover Kit

One of the most affordable coilover kits available. Engineered and made by KW. A height adjustable kit with progressive rate coil springs and twin tube dampers. 

Looking for a high quality, yet affordable set of performance coilovers?

ST suspension, which is engineered by KW to KW's satisfaction, offers this great entry level option.

ST height adjustable coilovers are precision engineered and road tested to the highest standards of the German TUV.

Sport dampers that are valved per vehicle, and slightly stiffer progressive rate coil springs, will transform handling, cornering, and feedback.


The finely threaded shock bodies allow you to precisely adjust ride height without compromising safety, comfort, or performance.

 Set the stance exactly the way you like.

 Heavily coated with the best corrosion resistant materials, these galvanized steel and powder coated coilovers will provide a lifetime of trouble free performance in any conditions.

Installation instructions


7. KW V3 Coilover Kit

KW V3 coilover adjustment dial on bottom of front shock

This is KW's top of the range coilover kit designed for street cars.

Separate, 12 way compression and 16 way rebound adjustability to fine tune the ride exactly to your preference, or to optimize modifications like weight, tires, or additional bracing.

Individual compression and rebound adjustment dials make setting the response quick and easy.

Right out of the box, the dampers are preset for you to baseline response settings determined by KW, as an optimal starting point for your vehicle.

Micro tuning from that point to meet any need makes this V3 kit extremely versatile.

Variant 3 coilovers work within an approved lowering range that maintains proper suspension function and travel after lowering, usually 10-50mm.

Ride height adjustments are ultra smooth using dirt repelling, trapezoid shaped shock body threads and collars.

This means even after dirt and debris make their way into the shock body threads, the height adjustment collars will still turn freely with minimal effort

Spanner wrench is included with the kit.

All corrosion resistant parts are mounted to stainless steel struts for a lifetime of performance, even in harsh weather conditions.

If you are looking for the best adjustable coilovers on the market the KW V3 kit should be on your short list of options. 


6. Ohlins Road and Track Coilover Kit

Looking for the finest coilover conversion available?

Ohlins is arguably the only answer.

The Ohlins Road and Track series coilover kits feature the latest in single tube technology that uses both through-rod damper technology, and Ohlins exclusive Dual Flow Valve (DFV) technology, which allows you to change the stiffness of the shock absorbers.

These coilovers are light-weight, corrosion resistant, and fully rebuildable for a lifetime of performance, and come with a two-year limited warranty.

Ohlins dampers also feature one knob that operates individual compression and rebound adjusters that are pressure balanced, and have preload adjustability.

Adjusting the knob changes all four areas in the damper; low and high speed compression and rebound damping.

Ride height is easily changed with finely threaded shock bodies and smooth moving collars so you can set the stance exactly where you want.


5. Bilstein PSS10 Coilover Kit

The Bilstein B16 (PSS10) kit is one of the best selling coilover kits ever.

10-click compression and rebound damping adjustable with the easy turn of one dial on the shocks.

10 preconfigured stages change the feedback from soft to firm. 

Inverted, gas pressurized mono tube dampers are matched with progressive rate coil springs for superior handling at any ride height.

Zinc based, triple coated corrosion resistance coatings are used for trouble free performance year after year. 

Finely threaded shock bodies and a supplied spanner wrench make height adjustments fast and easy.

Complete suspension control from one affordable coilover kit by Bilstein.


4. ST XA Coilover Kit

Ride height and rebound force adjustable coilovers made by KW in Germany for ST.

Adjust the ride height to exactly where you like it. An aggressive lowered stance that will get noticed.

Adjust the ride firmness to suit any driving condition. Turn the adjustment knobs to the right to switch daily driver comfortable into stiffer settings for the canyons.

Sport shocks with correct valve settings are matched with progressive rate coil springs with spring weights appropriate for your vehicle.

Galvanized and powder coated for a lifetime of durability and performance, even in harsh climates.

ST suspension hits a sweet spot between top quality components and an affordable price point. We get nothing but great product reviews on this kit. Great bang for your buck. 


  • Height-adjustable
  • Adjustable dampers
  • Composite spring plates
  • Dust protection and bump stop


3. KW V1 Coilover Kit 


This is KW's entry level coilover option, but don't mistake it for a generic, mass produced kit that isn't designed and engineered just for your vehicle.

With 30-70mm of lowering range, this kit has preconfigured shock damping and spring rates for each application, giving a perfect balance between comfort and performance.

Stainless steel shock bodies and powder coated coil springs ensure a lifetime of dependable service.

Kits are complete with spanner wrench, written instructions with images, and a tool kit.

Dirt repelling, friction optimized trapezoidal shock body threads make height adjustments simple by requiring less force, even after years of use.

Enjoy a big improvement in handling and a lower stance you'll love looking at with the affordable V1 coilover kit from KW.

KW is the gold standard in performance coilovers.


2. AST 2000 Series Coilover Kit

AST offers this beautiful entry level coilover kit that is height adjustable so you can set the stance exactly where you like it.

Height adjustments are easy with the supplied spanner wrenches.

Preconfigured, twin-tube damping and proper spring rates are engineered per vehicle by AST, for a perfect balance of improved handling and daily driver comfort.

The AST 2000 series is developed for non track users that wish to enjoy their car during spirited street or canyon driving.

This is the best coilover kit for driving enthusiasts who want a big suspension upgrade without getting too crazy.

Developed and tested to be a plug and play installation.

Fits with the OEM top mounts.


Can you guess what our best selling coilover kit for 2023 was?....


1. H&R Street Performance Coilover Kit 

1.2-2.2 Inches (30.4-55.8 mm) front lowering range.

1-2.3 Inches (25.4-58.4 mm) rear lowering range.

Experience the difference a set of H&R street performance coilovers can make.

Custom valved, performance shocks are matched with progressive rate coil springs tuned just for your R32, for a huge improvement in handling, cornering, and road feel.

The H&R street performance coilover kit offers an excellent balance between improved handling and daily driver comfort.

Finely threaded shock bodies and supplied spanner wrenches make ride height adjustments quick and easy when the wheels are off.

Transform the suspension setup and driving experience of your Volkswagen with H&R coilovers.

Engineered and manufactured to the highest standards to fit and perform perfectly.

This H&R coilover kit is easily the best selling kit for us for the last 3 years. They simply perform without frills and are priced very well for the quality. 


Budget Bonus:

This super affordable kit is becoming very popular as Vogtland makes headway in America.

They have been winding coil springs in Germany since 1903 for various applications, and have successfully moved into the auto suspension market.

They offer this height adjustable coilover kit that is tuned perfectly for street use. 

I had a chance to drive a Porsche 996 with these coilovers installed and they give a wonderful OEM+ type feel.  


1. Vogtland Coilover Kit


Absolutely the highest quality kits priced under 1,000.00. If you have a daily driver that needs new shocks and you want a little lowering also, this Vogtland kit is a great option. Use our discount code VIP5 and get a smoking deal on a set of coilovers you can be count on. 


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