Best Exhaust Systems for 2024. What We Recommend For European Cars

At MGC Suspensions and Exhaust we know it can be stressful trying to find the right exhaust system for your car.

Some are affordable, some are really expensive, it can be tough choosing the right one. 

Our company has heard horror stories from customers buying systems on eBay with a very attractive price tag, only to have it sound like a kazoo that soon rusted out.

Who wants 6" potato launcher exhaust pipe tips these days? Not me. 

Don't be tempted by cheap exhaust system products made of inferior materials that will leave you grumpy and sad. 

 That's why we created our easy to use Exhaust Tech form. Quickly answer a  short list of questions to find exceptional exhaust system parts that fit your budget. Try it and see the results for your car. 

We will recommend cat-back exhaust systems, exhaust manifolds, exhaust headers, downpipes, catalytic converters, and exhaust tips. Some parts are for off-road, racing applications only. 

We only offer products from well-known, established brands like Akrapovic, AWE, Borla, Fabspeed, and SOUL.

We usually have something that satisfies most budgets and goals. 

When visiting our website use discount code SAVE10 or PROJECT5 to save on your order. 

A quality aftermarket exhaust system will add horsepower, torque, and throttle response. Enjoy exciting new sounds that far exceed any stock system. You will also lose some weight. Modern exhaust packages are much lighter than the bulky factory parts. 

Kits are offered in stainless steel and titanium for long life and durability for any weather or driving conditions. 

Some systems have options for exhaust tip finish such as chrome, black chrome, satin, and carbon fiber.


Here is an exhaust sound clip for the Porsche 992 GT3 from SOUL Performance Products. What a great sounding system! SOUL hand crafts all of their systems to fit and perform flawlessly. 

 Exhaust system shops:

Have you been searching exhaust system shop near me? Contact us and we can help you find a good shop in your area that can install your new system. Or visit our website homepage for an existing list of qualified shops.  

Let us find a system that puts a smile on your face and makes you love driving your car even more. 


An exhaust clip for the BMW F10 M5 from AWE Tuning. The touring edition exhaust systems sound amazing! They also have an aggressive track edition option for those who like it loud. 


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Need recommendations for suspension upgrades? We have a form for that too. 






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