Vogtland Suspension

Founded in Germany making springs for many different applications, Vogtland entered the automotive spring sector in the early 20th century. Offering adjustable coilover kits, lowering springs, static lowering kits and electronic lowering kits, MGC is proud to offer this brand to our customers.

Using a special blend of alloys and a cold rolling technique, Vogtland lowering springs are very strong, yet ultra lightweight. These progressive rate springs are paired with their proprietary dampers to make perfectly balanced suspension kits.

Vogtland brand components are very affordable but do not sacrifice in quality or performance. Most spring and suspension kits give tasteful lowering of 1.3 inches, giving your vehicle a great looking stance and improved handling.

Choose Vogtland if you want products manufactured by a family-based company that has been winding coil springs since 1909.